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Whether you have the latest version of the DeLonghi espresso machine or the moderate one that you bought because it was within your budget, these machines are very easy to operate.

Being professional at what it does, the DeLonghi espresso machine is one of the most preferred and opted-for choices when it comes to being particular about the taste and overall factors of a coffee beverage.

The DeLonghi machines are well known for their variety of beverages offered. It is more than just a regular cup of coffee. You can make anything from an espresso to a macchiato. 

Irrespective of how complex and tangled the name of these drinks might sound to you, they are really a piece of cake to make with these professional models by DeLonghi.

As far as the use of these espresso machines is concerned, it might slightly differ if there is some specification in the model, else they all work the same way.

Let us walk you through the process of using the DeLonghi espresso machine:

Assemble your machine

Make sure the machine sits on a flat surface else it might trip over and cause accidents. if you are using the machine after cleaning it, you need to put back everything in place and then switch it on.

Dry the cleaned parts like the water reservoir or the housing of the machine before making any move and avoid touching the machine when it is plugged in or in the process as it might be hot or cause a shock. Restrict your hands to places where it might not be hot.

Preheat the machine

For its best performance and a great resulting coffee, you should always preheat your machine before doing any work on it. preheating will help you to extract all the main elements of the coffee such as oils and its taste which are the major players in the taste of your coffee.

Preheating also ensures that you get the hot coffee and not some lukewarm liquid falling out of the machine. We all know what a disappointing lukewarm coffee feels like.

Fill the water reservoir

It is needed to pull the shot for espresso. make sure to use normal water and if you get hard water, treat it before using it. if you want very hot and dense coffee a pro tip to perform is to use hot or lukewarm water instead of that at room temperature.

The boilers within the housing of the machine will increase the temperature of this water further thus producing what you want. people have gone a little far with their privileges of experimentation and used milk instead of water to brew their espresso!

We would not recommend that to you since it can cause the formation of clusters of coffee and these get stuck instead of coming into your mug.

Beans are to be ground

 or you can use pods as well if you do not feel like doing any manual work. For those who agree, begin by grinding your beans and without caring about the grind size if you are using a normal grinder.

Since the DeLonghi machines use any type of coffee, you have a huge range of options to choose from in terms of flavor, intensity, roast level(mild, medium, dark roast), and bitterness that you would like to have.

You can go for organic coffee beans and grind them according to your preference, or use a pod and take out the coffee from it directed into the portafilter, or use pre-ground coffee.

If you are aiming at making a flavored drink, we suggest using the pod’s coffee since they come in good flavors, which is not the case with organic beans or pre-ground coffee. Add the grounds to the portafilter and return the portafilter to its designated places where it belongs.

Do not miss the tamping part. Use a manual tamper or the inbuilt tamping mechanism if is very important and needed to get all the juices and oils extracted out of the coffee.

Prepare the milk

Frothing it or steaming it will be your choice to make. however, an espresso is mostly preferred with steamed milk. you can use the steam wand for better results instead of a manual process.

The steam wand has been crafted to give you hot and less textured milk to make it feel smooth with the first sip itself. frothing is also a great option but if you prefer to have it without any foam which is called a flat white, then also you can go for it.

Pull a shot

Before making a shot of espresso put the cup under the outlet so that your espresso falls into the mug and not everywhere.

it is time for you to get all this work to make sense now and produce a special cup of espresso, crafted by you. press the button/turn the knob to your right and do a single or a double shot according to your wants and needs.

The machine is well equipped with the right amount of pressure needed to brew the coffee.

Now that you have your shot of espresso or any other drink, proceed with adding steamed or frothed milk into it. If you are making an espresso-based drink you should go for steamed milk instead of froth as this will make your beverage creamy.

After knowing the process it is now time to let us answer some of the frequently asked questions, look out for your common queries in this section.

How to clean a DeLonghi espresso machine?

You can clean all the detachable parts separately with a mild cleaning agent like normal dishwasher soap or liquid. For the housing of the machine, first, remove the plug from the switch to cut the electrical supply and avoid touching with wet hands.

For any dirt using a dry cloth and in case of stains, you can use a cleaning product. It is better to use a spray product as it distributes nicely.

You can wipe it off with normal tissue or a dry washcloth. Avoid any wet cloth to be used for cleaning. You should clean like this at least once a week. 

How do I start the machine?

Typically after you have plugged it in and the switch is on, all you need to do is press the start button and use it normally.

What type of coffee should I use in my DeLonghi espresso machine?

Any type of coffee be it preground, organic beans or pods(only the inner content) is fine as long as you like the taste and what it looks and feels to you.

What is the lifeline of a DeLonghi machine?

He used properly with equal amounts of regular descaling and cleaning it can last for 3 to 4 years and sometimes more. It is required for you to not use it day and night as that can really ruin the insides. since it is a machine, it needs some rest.

How often should I descale my machine?

Once every 3 to 4 months is more than enough for the purpose of descaling your DeLonghi espresso machine. 

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Final words

Delonghi is one of the best in class and a leader in espresso-making machines. You do not have to be an expert to use them or at making an espresso if you own one of the DeLonghi machines.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps religiously then you will be able to keep the machine in good shape.

Cleaning and descaling it on a weekly and 3-month basis will aid the machine to perform better and give you a great quality coffee that tastes and feels smooth as well.

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