Best Strong K Cup Coffee: Collection of Strongest Keuring K Cup

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to coffee, some like it sweet and mild or soft while so like it bitter and strong for the kick. For years, most people have been avoiding Keurigs due to their weak coffee in terms of flavor. In recent years, the Keurig has started releasing high caffeine k-cups and since then their popularity has rosed. These high caffeine cups compete with the strongest coffee beans available on the market. They provide high caffeine without sacrificing flavor. This may be made by the simplest Keurig coffee machine you have available at your home but what certainly is the strongest kind of k cup? And what brands offer tremendously Intense and dark roasts?

What’s A K-Cup?

You must be wondering what K-cup coffee means? What’s that? So basically K-Cup is one of the well-known widespread pods of coffee initially manufactured by the company Keurig. 

Keurig offers a variety of coffee machines and pods. A coffee pod is simply ground coffee beans packed in a pod to make your coffee conveniently all you have to do is put a coffee pod in a coffee machine where the coffee pod is needed to put and it brews a fresh cup of coffee right in some minutes. And it’s not only these K-cups also come in different flavors you can choose accordingly, whatever you like. Other brands sell K-cups and you can buy those but K-cups designed by Keurig are specifically designed for Keurig coffee machines.

Best Strong K Cup Coffee

The general amount of Caffeine in K-cups:

Usually, the general amount of caffeine in K-cups is in-between 75-150 mg. By knowing the general amount you can find out which coffee is strong and which is weak. If you see a higher mg value that means the caffeine amount is strong. Well, if we follow this we see that K-cups have less amount of caffeine than drip coffee but more than a regular cup. Light roasts are said to have more caffeine up to 150 mg while dark roasts belong to the lower side of this range up to 75mg.

For comparison with a drip coffee, drip coffee has around 95-200mg amount of caffeine, while Keurig K-cups are not that high but they still provide as much caffeine when compared to a normal cup of drip coffee. If you find the above-mentioned range sufficient then let’s dive deep into the strong Keurig k-cups coffees. You can also have a quick comparison of the top five Keurig K-Cups in the following video.

Categories of strong coffee K-cups:

You can divide the k-cups into the following categories.

  • The strongest coffee K-cups
  • Double coffee K-cups
  • Medium Strong K-cups

The Strongest Coffee K-Cups

Black Label By Devil Mountain Coffee:

Black Label By Devil Mountain Coffee

The first one on the list is Black Label By Devil Mountain Coffee, it’s one of the strongest coffee made with pure organic dark roasted coffee beans which also don’t leave after bitter taste. It has 200% more caffeine than your regular coffee which will help you to keep up with the day energetically and it’s fairly affordable than many other coffee pods which is the best deal to be very honest.

Dark Magic By Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Dark Magic

The 2nd best and strongest K-cup coffee is Dark Magic By Green mountain coffee roasters. It’s made up of 100% Arabica coffee beans which give the hint of dried fruits, chocolate, and subtle sweetness. They make it with rich blends from Columbia, Sumatra, and South America. They also have various types of dark richly roasted, intensely strong coffee perfect for the kick.

Black Rhino By Good Times Coffee Company:

Black Rhino By Good Times

Strongest Keurig coffee, Black Rhino By Good Times Coffee Company. Now, this is not some ordinary strongest coffee instead it has some next-level game in it, apart from being organic, super strong, exactly how you want it, the kick, the way how every sip excites your taste buds pure roasted coffee, from providing us with highly fancy, strong and amazingly tasting coffee The Black Rhino By Good Times Coffee Company donates a little share to profit endangered Black Rhinoceros from going extinct. Amazing no? Told you this will take the coffee game to the next level.

Death Wish Coffee Cups- By Death Wish Coffee Company:

Death Wish Coffee Cups

Now the name of these K-cups excites you more than anything else, you can assume by it that this is going to be something totally different, this is all you want in your coffee, everything in a cup of coffee but Death wish k-cup, the company claims this to be the world’s strongest yet organic coffee made from pure Arabica coffee beans. It’s four times stronger than your regular cup of coffee and double caffeinated.

This intensely caffeinated brew has hints of cherry and chocolate to it which leaves an already strong and rejuvenating aroma. These coffee beans are roasted in little clusters in order for the beans to be fully and dark roasted every time. It comes in various types of flavors such as dark roast coffee, and pumpkin coffee, infused with many spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, and many other flavors.

Along with so many other things these K-cups can be fitted in any coffee brewing machine rather than Kuerig one, a win-win situation. Having the cup of these k-cups will leave you joyful, energetic, and ready to kick in throughout the day! This is surely the finest and strongest k-cup coffee you will ever have. This definitely has been the strongest yet top tier of all the strongest K-cups coffee.

Red Goat Strong k-Cup

Red Goat Strong k-Cup

The red goat lies among the highest caffeine k-cups and offers 6 times more caffeine than regular coffee. The most notable part is that it provides high caffeine without sacrificing any flavor. Furthermore, you don’t need to drink 6 cups of coffee every day as this one k-cup offers that much.

It keeps you alert and energetic all day and is best suited for those who need a high amount of caffeine dose in to kick start their morning. This coffee contains beans so you will have to ground them before you can brew a cup of coffee using it. They aren’t new to the market as people trust this brand for five generations and the red goat has proved itself to be the best flavor among strong k-cups.

Double Caffeinated K-Cups

Coffee drinkers that need coffee for a double dose of energy should opt for double caffeinated k-cups. They contain twice as much caffeine content as compared to normal cups. Thus, they will provide extra energy that will help you in going through a busy day. However, be sure not to overdose on the coffee by drinking multiple double-caffeinated k-cups. Here are some of the best double-caffeinated k-cups that will provide you with enough energy to get through a busy day.

VitaCup Lightning Dark Roast Pods:

VitaCup Lightning Dark Roast Pods

The VitaCup Lightning dark roast pods are infused with powerful nootropic, green coffee beans that provide double the energy as compared to standard coffee. It also contains all essential vitamins that keep your mind sharp and healthy. You don’t have to worry about your mind exceeding energy levels as it comes with nootropic coffee beans.

The good news for eco-conscious coffee drinkers is that the pods are environmentally friendly. With the infusion of Alpinia galanga (an ancient spice from the ginger family) combined with caffeine, you will have a high brain focus that can last longer as compared to normal coffee. Also, you get a package of useful vitamins like B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, and vegan D3. not only does it give energy but also provides nutrients to your body. So, get it for that extra dose of energy and an abundance of vitamins.

Black Rifle Coffee Rounds:

Black Rifle Coffee Rounds

This is made for heavy coffee drinkers who love the smoky taste. It contains CAF which is medium roasted but still gives strong caffeinated coffee. You can opt for dark or light roast options as Black Rifle offers them as well. The medium roasted black rifle offers twice the caffeine punch with a rich smoky flavor.

Its strong flavor and caffeination strength are not for an average coffee drinker. Furthermore, it is produced by a company owned by veterans, and believe me they like their coffee to be extra strong. However, be sure not to overdose as this coffee is quite strong and an overdose of this can cause fast heartbeats, seizures, and vomiting. Overall, this is the strongest coffee made by Black rifle.

Banned Coffee:

World's Strongest Coffee

By adding a few berries and chocolate along with Robusta and Arabica beans, Banne coffee gives strong yet aromatic coffee. You will find its taste clean and delicious for a strong cup of coffee, but it is intense. The packaging is also somewhat environmentally friendly as they use recyclable containers and biodegradable filters.

Along with giving you energy, this also fulfills Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants in your body. It provides extra energy with a bold flavor while having low acidity. This is helpful and healthy for your body and with a mixture of different vitamins and antioxidants, that will keep your body in a much healthier state.

Hardcore Coffee:

Hardcore Single Serve Coffee Pods

Just as the name suggests you get a hardcore coffee thanks to organic coffee beans. Hardcore coffee uses the strongest coffee beans and their approach to roasting the beans creates intense and smooth coffee. This ensures a strong flavor that many diehard coffee drinkers prefer. The company uses their own coffee beans but fret not as they are USDA-certified. Also, they are made like any other strong coffee i.e by dark roasting coffee beans. They have twice the caffeine as compared to standard coffee. This company operates under a kosher-certified and safe quality roasting facility.

Starbucks Blonde Roast 2X:

Starbucks Blonde Roast K-Cup

The Starbucks Blonde offers rich and flavorful Veranda blend roast coffee that is crafted with natural coffee extracts. Starbucks Blonde roasts use 100% organic Arabica coffee beans to take the caffeine amount to the next level. Aside from the blonde roast, you can select from the list as many other flavors as you please. The extra boost of this coffee is due to 2x caffeine that helps you run through a busy day. All of them have double the amount of regular Starbucks coffee so be prepared for the boost. If you don’t like a blond roast, you can opt for other k-cups that include a dark roast, a medium roast, and flavored coffee like honey caramel, and Madagascar Vanilla.

Cafespresso Plus Medium Roast:


The Cafespresso Plus uses 100% Arabica coffee beans that are 100% Gluten-free and provide an extra punch of caffeine with 2x caffeinated medium roast coffee. Each premium coffee is capable of delivering an extra energy boost and flavor that can help you throughout your day. You can choose from a wide variety of coffee including light, medium, and dark roast options as you desire. For the strongest, you can go for dark but try medium first to know the level of caffeine you will be drinking. Due to the use of 100% Arabica coffee beans, you will get a natural coffee brew that will taste quite exceptional.

Double Donut Double Caffeine:

Double Donut High Caffeine Coffee Pods

These strong dark coffee pods are an eye-popping blend of intensely caffeinated, dark roast coffee that will keep you going all day. These coffee beans are compatible with any coffee machine that can brew k-cups including the Keurig 2.0 brewer. By having a cup of this coffee in the morning, you will have twice the energy for your day. Double Donut Double caffeine also uses Arabica coffee beans that are vegan, Kosher, Pareve, and keto-friendly. These 2x k-cups come as a single-serve pod that is packaged in recyclable capsules. Moreover, you can use these k-cups to brew yourself a hot dark roast coffee or an iced coffee for refreshment.

Maud’s Double Caffeine:

Maud's Double Caffeine Dark Roast

Maud’s Double Caffien contains 100% Arabica beans and it comes in recyclable packaging. You get 200 mg amount of caffeine in just one cup. But the pods are not made nicely so be cautious of that. Furthermore, the coffee beans are roasted to perfection in solar energy while the quality of each batch is monitored as they are roasted. It doesn’t matter what type of coffee you prefer, as Maud’s double caffeine comes in a wide variety of coffee including a dark roast, a light roast, and a medium roast.

Community Coffee 2X Caffeine:

Community Coffee 2X Caffeine 60 Count Coffee Pods

Community Coffee 2X has 100% Arabica beans with a blend of hazelnut and honey. This gives a perfectly balanced cup of coffee with a sweet aroma and smooth cup of coffee. The pods are well-made and the coffee is double caffeinated as well.

Medium-Strong K-Cups

So not all the people like the strong flavor of coffee and they just need a morning buzz rather than having a heavy intake of caffeine. These k-cups include 25-75% more caffeine than a regular coffee so anyone can opt according to their need of caffeine requirement per cup.

Shock Extra Strength k-cups:

Shock Coffee Extra Strength Single Serve Cups

Shock extra strength k cups are famous for their 75% increased caffeine contents as compared to regular cups of coffee. These cups are intensely flavored and need no milk or creamer. As they provide medium to dark roast bold flavor, people like it for morning coffee to get an increased amount of caffeine. The best part of these cups is that it is served by US troops to stay alert while performing operations and it lifts the mood, kill anxiety, and are a great pre-workout for those who are regular to their gym.

Revv No Surrender k-Cups:

REVV No Surrender

If you are looking for a little more caffeine content than a regular one, go or Revv No Surrender k-cups. These k-cups come with a smooth and strong flavor, dark roasted beans which are finely ground to meet your high expectations. The cups are compatible with all types of brewers including Keurig 2.0 which is an amazing feature, adding versatility to its usage. But you may get an unusual cluster of ground at the bottom of the cup that needs thorough cleaning as we didn’t notice it in any other coffee brands. Also, it is so mild that it does not taste bitter to any extent.

Death Wish Coffee Vahalla Java Single Serve Pods:

Death Wish Coffee Vahalla Java Single Serve Pods

It is a medium version of the world’s strongest coffee death wish. On testing, you will find it is on the stronger end of a medium caffeinated coffee which is a plus point as not everyone is made for the strongest flavors. The taste originates from the coffee beans that grow in the most nutrient-rich volcanic geography.

Yes, we are talking about Indonesia and central, south America. These pods are the combination of five different types of coffee beans, taken from Indian coffee, Arabica beans, and Sumatran beans along with American beans. The whole mixture is roasted and mixed together in a flavorful ratio to offer 140 milligrams of caffeine per serving.

Radioactive Coffee Capsules:

Single Serve Capsules for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 12 Count

Probably one of the strongest coffee you can taste that can bring unlimited focus and concentration. We do not know the exact amount of caffeine amount they contain as it is not listed but it’s enough to get you through the day without dozing. But we do know that they utilize a blend of Arabica and robusta non-GMO certified coffee beans. They come in single-serve cups that are compatible with machines capable of brewing K-cups including the Keurig 2.0. Moreover, they certainly have a strong taste as compared to standard coffee and they don’t compromise on flavor.

Java Factory Roasters Da Bomb:

Java Factory Coffee Pods High Caffeine Coffee for Keurig K Cup Brewers

Java factory roasters Da bomb can provide double energy as compared to standard coffee cups as they contain the double amount of caffeine in an 8 oz single serve of coffee. They haven’t defined where the extra caffeine comes from however, once you have a taste of it, you will certainly feel the extra strength of flavor. The coffee beans are 100% Arabica beans that are equally stuffed in coffee pods. You won’t have to worry about brewing these k-cups as they are compatible with most Keurig coffee makers. Be careful not to drink too much of it as you will be pulling up all-nighters for days.

Wake The Hell Up Coffee ultra-Caffeinated Capsules:

Wake The Hell Up! Dark Roast Single Serve Coffee Pods

Coffee drinkers who want moderately strong k-cup coffee can go for this. Instead of double the amount of caffeine they use 50% more caffeine than regular coffee cups. Each of these cups contains 12 grams of medium-dark roasted coffee, and with the right amount of caffeine, you won’t get a bitter taste or coffee jitters. If you want to stay fresh with a general increase in focus and energy, then this coffee is the best choice for you. You can choose from a variety of flavors including Jamaican Me Crazy, Cannoli, Pistachio, and Peanut Butter Cup.

High Caffeine Coffee Pods:

High Caffeine Coffee Pods Variety Pack

If you want highly caffeinated k-cups, these ones would be the best choice for you as they contain 50 packs of high caffeine coffee pods from the top brands. They include several brands like Revv, Double Donut, Shock, Red Eye, Cake Boss, and Guy Fieri. All the coffee pods in this pack are carefully roasted to provide a strong flavor without harsh bitterness. Furthermore, each coffee pack is inspected to check whether they are fresh and in perfect condition.

The majority of the types they offer have caffeine levels that fall between the upper end of normal and two times normal. This is an excellent place to start if you want to compare different brands or adjust your caffeine intake to fall within different ranges.

Which Keurig K-cup Has The Most Caffeine?

The K cup with the most caffeine added is Black Label By Devil Mountain Coffee. It’s 200% more caffeinated than the average dark-roasted coffee. This coffee was made after a lot of exploration by the owners of this company to ensure the best quality and taste. No compromises were made while making it.

The owners traveled and explored south and central America for two years in order to make the perfect coffee to be delivered to coffee lovers. The coffee beans of this coffee come from the highest altitudes of the world to achieve a truly smooth, satisfying, and touching aroma. And all the efforts put into making this coffee really shows in the quality of the products which will always make you desire for some more.

How can I make my K-cup Coffee stronger?

There are several methods to intensify your K-cup coffee a lot more than it already is. If we talk about the Keurig coffee machine then you got 2 options in your choice. The first option you got is to single-serve K cup coffee pods and the second option is to get your hands on a universal K cup for your machine.

Universal K cup is chiefly durable, where you put your own coffee and brew it anytime you want. And if you’re going with the 2nd option instead of using one K cup at a higher setting, use 2 K cups at a lower setting. This will make your coffee stronger than your regular 1-pod coffee because you’re using 2 pods.

The other thing you can do is by buying a universal Keurig pod you can bring your own coffee beans and add them to make your coffee accordingly just make sure you grind your coffee beans finely and not too coarsely. Take note, that the little brew will make your coffee richer. Take that cup of coffee and begin your day with a fresh new kick of your favorite preferred strong coffee.

Tips Before Choosing Strong Keurig K Cup Coffee

Instead of hurriedly getting strong Keurig k cup coffee, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind. Everyone has a different taste, it might be easy to get a boost of energy but having a satisfying tasting coffee is hard. So let us help you out with that. Reading these tips will help you get the best-suited strong Keurig k cup coffee for you.

  • Level of roasts

Starting right off the bat with roast levels. Keep in mind that light roast levels have a large amount of caffeine. The reason for this is because these roast-level beans have a short roasting time which allows them to not break hence they contain more caffeine amount.

  • Significance of Arabica and Robusta beans

After reading the above tip, you might be thinking about how dark roast levels contain strong coffee. The amount of caffeine in dark roasted beans is fulfilled thanks to Arabica and Robusta beans. Arabica beans offer a strong, sweet, and intense flavor whereas Robusta beans give bitter, strong, and complex flavors. So, when the combination of these beans or only one bean is added to dark roasted beans, you get a significantly strong k cup of coffee.

  • Brewing procedure

Last but not least we have the brewing method. When using a Keurig machine, you only have to press a few buttons but if you are using your hands then the level of your Barista skills will also matter. In Keurigs the most common brewing sizes are 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, 10 ounces, and 12 ounces. The smaller cup sizes will give you a more compact flavor with less amount of caffeine. For a more concentrated brew, a small cup size works best as they use less water during the brewing process. By brewing the larger cup sizes, you’ll still get a significant dose of caffeine, but the intensity will be less concentrated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the strongest Starbucks K cup coffee?

Dark roast is probably the strongest coffee option you can get at Starbucks. Along with a strong amount of caffeine it also has nutrients for your body.

Does the Keurig cup size affect the strength of my coffee?

Yes, the cup size of Keurig can affect the strongness of the coffee that you drink.

Do strong Keurig K cup coffee have an acidic and bitter taste?

No that is not necessarily true. The strong option on Keurig gets rid of acidic flavor from your strong coffee pods.

Are Keurig K-cups more stronge then drip coffee?

No drip coffee contains 95-250 mg of caffeine which makes it significantly stronger than Keurig K-cups coffee.

Are dark roast K-Cups caffeine-richer?

Unlike what most people think, light roast coffee has more caffeine than dark roast.

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