Best Nespresso Machine for Cappuccino: Chosen and Tested by Experts

For anyone who is fed up with drinking drip coffee every day, we advise you to invest in the best nespresso machine for cappuccino for home use. An excellent Nespresso machine facilitates you with top-quality coffee within 15-20 seconds. They can help you in making beverages faster than instant coffee. Milk frother helps you make froth milk that can be later used to make cappuccino or latte.

Best Nespresso Machine for Cappuccino

But not all Nespresso machines are best for personal use. There are some factors that you need to know before buying one. Simple controls, large capacity, Multiple brewing selections, good quality, and affordable cost are signs of a tremendous Nespresso machine for an espresso or cappuccino.

Best Cappuccino Makers for Home Quick Summary

Now let us talk about personal preference before buying a Nespresso machine. Either you like a traditional cup of coffee with a strong aroma and a shot of espresso, or you like milky, creamy coffee, and foamy cappuccino. So, this is the review for you. Well, everybody has a different taste in coffee. But if you like foamy cappuccino or milk-based coffee, you are in the right place.

 1  Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine
Best For: Overall.

 2  Keurig K-Cafe Single
Best For: Single serve drinks.

 3  Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
Best For: Home use (Latte, cappuccino, espresso).

 4  Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffeehouse Espresso Maker
Best For: Home/Office use, can accommodate any size mug..

 5  De’Longhi Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
Best For: Home Use, Only Uses Cups.

 6  Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine
Best For: Small cups between the height of 4.5 inches.

 7  De’Longhi BCO430BM
Best For: All in one machine.

 8  Gaggia Brera Super-Automatic Espresso Machine
Best For: Automatic machine, comes with built in burr grinder.

Best Nespresso Machine for Cappuccino

Nespresso machines are a popular choice for a single-serve espresso, but there are many other models of Nespresso machines. Fortunately, there are many Nespresso machines for a cappuccino, but not all are the best. So, before buying one, you should know the features that make the best Nespresso machine for cappuccino available in your home.

Our team of product writers has tested the best cappuccino makers for home and given a few recommendations. So in this article, we have rounded up the best Nespresso machines for Cappuccino in 2022. This review will help you choose the best Nespresso machine for your kitchen and personal use.

1. Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine: Best Espresso Machine for Cappuccino

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a capsule-based coffee espresso machine designed to completely satisfy both water and milk-based coffee. This espresso machine is a dedicated original line machine that offers you more than 15 barista-style flavors, including latte, and cappuccino.

Starting from the construction,  the machine has a smart and sleek design and occupies a small space. The whole body is black, made up of almost 80% of the total construction.  Although the black color highlights the dirt,  debris and fingerprints quite often, they are easily wiped out. Also, this espresso maker is easy to use with an LED display toggle, that sets accordion to the capsule you use to have a perfect combination of size, flavor, and intensity.

The first cup of coffee isn’t great at all because it gives a plasticy taste.  So we recommend flushing the water, nearly 3 to 4 water tanks until the plastic-like taste goes away and a fresh cup of coffee comes your way. Right after you brew the coffee, the main feature you need the most is the texture and foam of espresso.  We liked its 15 bar pressure as it gives a perfect foam, body and texture along with flavor and aroma.

Furthermore, you can create customized hot and cold coffee with this machine. It has a capacity of 6 cups per fill, and you can operate this machine by using the buttons on top of it. The hottest temperature you get is 65⁰C which is pretty hot but the cold setting button ends up giving you the temperature of 35⁰C. I think the idea of cold coffee is putting some ice cubes in the cup before you despnse the coffee and it gives you a cold drink. 35⁰C is like lukewarm coffee but using ice cubes worked fine for me and you can say that’s how the coffee maker gives you iced coffee as well.

You can say that it is an ideal espresso machine for home and office because of multiple flavors and ease of use. The smart capsule system means it delivers the best output from each capsule to make the perfect cup of coffee with a delicate flavor. You can enjoy strong espresso, aromatic Medium Roast, and full-bodied Dark Roast, to frothy Cappuccino and smooth Latte Macchiato. Now let us look at all the features this machine has:


  • Easy Interface: Adjustable LED display that a toggle stick can operate to control your process of coffee brewing.
  • 15 Bars Max: 15 bar high pressure delivers high flavor extraction and helps significantly in making foamy cappuccino.
  • 15 Flavors:It helps you to choose from 18 flavors, from Espresso, and Americano to foamy Cappuccino and latte. Furthermore, you can customize your cup according to your needs in terms of size and intensity.
  • Smart Capsule: Specifically made capsule system that makes flavor extraction equally in every brewed cup of coffee.
  • Capacity: It has a water tank of 45 ounces and can brew 6 cups at a time.
  • Material: PP, Nylon (PA66), ABS, PC, and Silicone are used in this machine construction, and this makes it super durable.
  • Ultimate Coffee Freshness: After brewing coffee into perfect form, this machine then seals the capsule to prevent humidity and oxygen. This makes coffee fresh and delicate.

Why We Love It

  • Easy to use and LED display to adjust settings.
  • 15 bar high-pressure pump.
  • Best extraction of the capsule to make the best coffee you want.
  • Highly Durable machine.
  • Best for home and office use

Why We Not

  • It uses a new version of pods, so the old one doesn’t work.

Final Words About Nescafé Dolce Gusto:

Nescafé Dolce Gusto comes on the top of the list of best cappuccino makers for home use. We have tested it for different elements including price, ease of use, types of coffee inputs, number of output drinks and volumes. From all perspectives, neither it disappointed nor oit performed badly. so being so versatile, we highly recommend it for any type of user who wants an easy to use and maintain coffee maker.

2. Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker: Best Easy and Convenient Single Serve Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Café coffee Maker is one of the best Nespresso machines for cappuccino that uses k-pods. Use any kind of k-pods and brew your favorite coffee or you can just make a foamy Latte or Cappuccino. It comes with easy to use features and has simple controls. The milk frother is present which can be washed and froth your choice of milk including skim, soy, and almond.

Just insert your k-pod capsule and use the buttons to adjust what type of cup of coffee you like. Then, your machine will brew a perfect cup of coffee for you whether it be an Espresso or a Cappuccino.

Also,it also allows you to brew 6 cups before you need to refill, saving your time and delivering the pleasure of a great coffee. This capacity helps you to have instant coffee for your family in the morning. Also it eliminates the need of refilling the tank everytime you brew a cup of coffee.

Another smash is that it brews and heats up at the same time so now you don’t have to wait for your machine to heat up and then brew. Just select your cup size and choice of your coffee and you are good to go. The auto-saving mode is programmed to shut down the machine after 2 hours of the last brewed cup of coffee.

While using it, we found it so simple to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee in just 3 steps. Choose, Brew, and Enjoy! The milk frother is available to brew milk-based drinks.


  • Multiple Cups: You can brew different types of beverages. Either be coffee or cappuccino. This machine brews all latte, coffee, and Cappuccino.
  • Easy use and cleanup: It comes with a dishwasher-safe frother and is easy to use. We brew our coffee and clean it in just a few  minutes. So it’s a hassle free machine with easy cleaning options.
  • Large Capacity: Simplifying your morning routine by brewing 6 cups of coffee before wanting to refill. It has a large capacity of water tank roundabout to 60oz.
  • Energy Saving: Automatically shuts down after 2 hours of the last brewed coffee to save electricity.
  • Construction Material: The material used in the construction of this machine is plastic which makes it shatter-proof. You won’t have to worry about your machine breaking.
  • Smart Start: Brewing while heating saves a lot of time for the consumer. All you have to do is choose and brew it in just minutes and enjoy.
  • Single-Serve Coffee: Serving single cups of coffee starting from 6,8,10 to 12 oz. With different flavors and sizes of cups now you can easily brew it in one go.

Why We Love It

  • Dark to light roast Espresso or Cappuccino coffee.
  • Portable and easily cleanable.
  • Foamy latte and Cappuccino are also brewed.
  • Large capacity of 60oz.
  • Smart Energy saving.
  • Single-serve coffee machine.
  • Durable and Button Interface design.

Why We Not

  • You have to use Espresso and Milk frother separately.

Final Words About Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker:

During testing, we liked this machine for its smart and sleek design with economy power settings. It automatically shuts off after two hours of last brew so saves your electricity. Another handy feature is that it accommodates a 7.2” travel mug and the milk frother is easily washable in the dishwasher. You can also use the milk frother for cold setting which is a plus point for iced coffee drinks. We liked the options of choosing intensity, size and espresso shot. But the looks and the feel are kind of unpleasant as there is a plasticky and flimsy look that prevails on the performance. but if you don’t bother about aesthetics, this machine is for you.

3. Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker: Best Semi Automatic Nespresso Machine With Milk Frother

Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Café Barista Espresso and Cappuccino Makes is one of the best Nespresso machines for Cappuccino. It is perfect for Latte and Cappuccino lovers and Espresso aficionados, it has an electric pump that creates a pressure of 15 bars for brewing rich-taste and flavor coffee. It has a removable water tank that has a large capacity.

You don’t have to know how to brew barista-style coffee. All you need to do is select and the machine will brew the perfect cup of coffee for you. It is a semi-automatic machine that is used for brewing Espresso, Latte, and Cappuccino all 3 in 1. Milk frother removes all the guesswork by automatically adjusting milk volume and temperature. The one-touch control panel makes using it very easy and simple. You can choose from 3 different types of drinks and this machine will automatically brew them for you. It can be used for both single and double servings and brews your coffee by adjusting the control knob automatically.

Also the water tank fits at the back of the machine giving you a clean and broad front which holds milk frother and coffee dispenser at the same place. The auto cleaning option is a great feature that gives you a hassle free maintenance of the espresso maker. Lastly,  you can easily remove the milk container and keep it in the refrigerator for the whole week or until next use. You can also wash it in the top rack of the dishwasher. The drip tray is easily removable and you can thoroughly rinse it once a week.

For machine maintenance,  I simply added 1 part vinegar and 9 parts water in the water tank and simply ran it through to give a complete auto cleaning.


  • One-touch panel: It has a one-touch control panel from where you can choose from different sizes of cups.
  • Simple to use: It features easy to use controls and operates as it works on the one-touch operation.
  • 15-bar pressure: Electric pumps create a pressure of 15 bars for brewing rich taste and flavor coffee.
  • Large capacity: It comes with 45 ounces of capacity with removable water tanks.
  • Milk frother: it removes all the physical and guessing work by automatically adjusting milk volume and temperature.

Why We Love It

  • 15 bar pressure system.
  • One-touch control panel.
  • Easy to use and fill.
  • Removable tank.
  • 3-in-1 espresso maker, cappuccino maker, and latte maker.

Why We Not

  • A replacement will be hard to find.

Final Words About Mr. Coffee Espresso: is the best semi automatic Nespresso machine for cappuccino. We liked the portafilter as it uses any grounds of your choice and one insert and fit starts brewing instantly.  Also, you can simply dump the trash and an instant wash keeps the portafilter ready for the next shot but don’t wash it in the dishwasher. The automatic panel will make the drink of your choice on a single button.  Also the steam cleaning option is the best part to keep the Nespresso machine at its best performance.  A few things are worth mentioning that if you buy pre ground coffee, the taste of the final drink may have deteriorated. So buying whole bean coffee and a burr grinder works best. Also you need to run a cleaning cycle every time you froth as the taste may differ when some residues are left in the frothing tube.

4. Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffeehouse Espresso Maker: Best With Built in Milk Frother

Mr. Coffee One-Touch Coffeehouse Espresso Maker

Brewing your coffee as you love it with the most delicate care and aromatic flavor is the main job of Mr. Coffee’s coffeehouse Espresso machine. Its 19-bar pressure system and one-touch operating module make it one of the best Nespresso machines for a cappuccino. Extracting robust and delicate coffee flavors with utmost care.

Single touch button interface to choose from single or double espresso and thermocouple heating system evenly heats the water for a hot drink. Milk frother for brewing delicious and foamy cappuccino as it uses milk to create a foamy froth. It has a removable milk reservoir that is easy to fill and clean. There are 3 buttons for espresso,  cappuccino and latte. Just press single for a small cup or double espresso for a large cup, whatever flavor you want to have.

As if that’s not enough, it has a cup tray adjusted to easily hold middle or large size cups. Furthermore, a 650ml milk tank is present that is easy to clean and use. Best of all you can choose from a single or double shot of espresso and leave it to milk frother to brew you foamy that is light and airy. For cleaning, one touch is all it takes to activate it and automatically cleans it without any difficulties.


  • 19-bar pressure: Extracting full flavors from the coffee capsule by spinning them under 19 bar pressure using an Italian pump that is durable and quality-wise best.
  • One-touch Control: Panel on which one-touch operations are performed. Either be brewing or cleaning, it does all the work with one-touch operation making it easy to use and clean.
  • Thermocouple Heating: A system that heats water evenly to brew hot coffee. It quickly heats water with great efficiency so that you can enjoy hot coffee.
  •  Milk frother: Integrated, automatic milk frother that turns your coffee into your favorite cappuccino into the light, and creamy foam.
  • Removable Milk-tank: 650ml milk reservoir milk storage tank that helps you brew coffee in just one go. It can be clean and filled very easily and is used for leftover milk to be stored in the fridge.
  • Adjustable Cup tray: Either be small, medium, or large cup size, all of these can be fit into the cup tray as it can be adjusted accordingly.

Why We Love It

  • Can brew 6 cappuccinos or 3 lattes cup of coffee.
  • 19 bar great quality pressure pump.
  • 3 thermocouples.
  • 2 Espresso cups capacity.
  • Stainless steel drip tray.
  • Easily cleanable and Durable.

Why We Not

  • No add water warning so the coffee machine will try to add water even if there’s not enough so be sure to check your water reservoir.

Final Words About Mr. Coffee One-Touch:

During testing, we found this machine quite handy and useful for brewing multiple drinks in just single press options. Also, choosing large or small cups is quite easy and beneficial. you get a built in milk frother with milk tank that you can also use to store the leftover milk.

5. De’Longhi 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker: Best Cappuccino Maker With Steam Wand

De’Longhi 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

De’Longhi 15 bar Pump is a manual espresso maker with an analogue dial for controls. You need to set everything manually as there isn’t any digital panel or press button options.

This espresso maker features 1 liter water reservoir inside the machine and also holds a portafilter and 2 pods for single and double shots. Furthermore there isn’t any milk frother present so you need to use a separate thermometer and steam the hot milk with the steam wand. You can’t dense the coffee in a bigger volume as the space under the dispenser is quite small and only shallow cups or mugs can be used. In case you want to use a bug container,  removing the drip tray can add some extra space under the dispenser.

Also, it uses pods or ground coffee with a dual-function filter holder to brew delicious espresso and further mix steam and milk to produce rich, creamy, foamy cappuccino making it the best Nespresso machine for a cappuccino. The portafilter has a basket in it that gets locked, once you have added coffee grounds to it. Whatever you like, be it single or double espresso, cappuccino, latte, this machine makes it all for you with high quality and tastes just as you like them. 15 bars pressure system to perfectly extract flavor with adjustable controls to brew according to your preference. Furthermore, the water tank is easily removable and can be refilled and then reattached

A removable water tank and drip tray make it easy to clean up and all of these machine parts are dishwasher safe. The advanced cappuccino system makes it easy to brew coffee now you can brew instantly without waiting for one cup after another. Brewing barista-style coffee just the way you liked them is the main purpose of this espresso machine. A 3-in-1 filter holder with the unit makes it possible to make two shots of espresso at the same time. It has a holder for one espresso shot and two espresso shots making brewing easy and quick with the best flavor and delicacy.


  • Pods with Filter holder: Uses ground coffee or pods with filter holder that is a dual function to brew espresso with simplicity and quickly. It can be used for 2 espresso and 1 espresso shot both due to the unit of the filter holder.
  • 15-bar pressure: Every cup to your liking, 15 bars pressure ensures that every cup brewed has the same flavor extraction to its fullest to avoid inconvenience.
  • Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte: Brewing your favorite type of beverage for you, either be an espresso, cappuccino, or latte, it doesn’t matter just select and this machine will brew it for you.
  • Steel drip tray: Removable drip tray for different sizes of cups and it makes cleaning easy and simple.
  • Steam Wand: Frother mixes steam and milk using the steam wand to create a foamy, creamy, and delicious cappuccino and you can adjust it manually according to your needs.
  • Twin-Brewing cycle: With this machine, you can brew one shot or two shots of espresso at the same time using a twin brewing cycle or if you just want one type of two cups, whatever you prefer, this machine brews it for you instantly.
  • Advanced Cappuccino System: No waiting between cups, it instantly heats up and maintains that temperature until you turn off the machine.

Why We Love It

  • 15 bar pressure system.
  • No waiting between cups.
  • 3-in-1 coffee brewing (Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte).
  • Steamy, creamy, foamy milk coffee.
  • Easily cleanable.

Why We Not

  • Water reservoir may be small if you brew one after another, best for home use.

Final Words About De’Longhi 15 Bar Pump Espresso:

We liked this cappuccino maker for its clean operation and delicious drinks but it is not automatic and needs a lot of manual work. If you love manual working and steaming the milk then this machine is for you. Also you can’t use large volume containers or travel mugs under the dispenser so using shallow cups is possible. Also, when I was releasing the coffee “puck” after making it, it got stuck in the portafilter until I pushed it hard. apart from this little issue, we found it great for making cappuccino and lattes.

6. Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine: Best for Ground Coffee or Pods

Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine

Hamilton Beach is one of those cappuccino makers that can use both ground coffee or the pods. You can have your favorite coffee at home using one of the best Nespresso machines for a cappuccino. Hamilton Beach Coffee maker can be used to brew espresso, cappuccino, and a latte at your home using pods or ground coffee. With a removable water tank and drip, tray cleaning becomes easy and simple. The following video can show you a complete demonstration of the machine’s working.

It isn’t too hard to operate this machine, just slide the patented slide and lock the portafilter into place from the back of the machine and lock it on the side. As if that’s not enough, swiveling steam wand mixes steam with milk to produce light, airy foam and can be used to make cappuccino or latte, whatever you prefer. Furthermore, it keeps the cup warm until serving time so you can enjoy a hot drink just as you wanted. Let your espresso machine work 15-20 seconds before removing the cup, for best taste and flavor.

1-1.5 oz of espresso yield, by using a single-serving filter and 2-3 oz of espresso yield by using the double-serving filter. It is easy to slide, use, and lock and can be cleaned easily. Selector dial for choosing the best beverage of your choice, either be an espresso, cappuccino, or Latte, just select and brew your favorite coffee with the best flavor and taste. The machine comes with a simple interface where a dial gives you two options of either brew or steam the milk. Means you can’t do both simultaneously which is a limitation of this cappuccino maker. Also a single press button helps you to switch on the machine without having any down time.


  • 15 bar pressure Pump: Italian high-pressure pump extracts flavor with excellency and rich crema.
  • Slide and Lock: Patented slide and lock to adjust cup size and maintain easy brewing of coffee.
  • Removable Tank and tray: With removable drip tray and large capacity tank makes brewing and cleaning easy and simple.
  • Swiveling Steam Wand: Steam mixes with milk to produce rich and foamy cream by using a swiveling steam wand which is very efficient and durable.
  • Pods/Ground Coffee: It brews pods or ground coffee with a simple procedure. Just slide the patented slide and then lock the portafilter into place from the back and lock it, choose and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee.
  • Cup warmer: Maintain temperature for every cup. Keep your cup warm until serving time.
  • Selection Dial: With an easy and simple selection dial, choose your favorite coffee from espresso, cappuccino to a latte and it will brew for you.

Why We Love It

  • Durable.
  • Easily cleanable.
  • High-pressure pump.
  • Easy controls.
  • Removable water tank.
  • Adjustable and removable drip tray.
  • Multiple types of coffee (Espresso, cappuccino, latte).

Why We Not

  • You can’t leave a water reservoir on the unit or else it will leak.

Final Words About Hamilton Beach Espresso:

We liked this coffee maker for its detachable water tank that gives you several servings until it needs a refill. Also if you remove the drip tray, you can place a large mug under the dispenser. It’s an economy machine so you shouldn’t expect high end flavors from it. however for a nice blend of cream, ease of use, portability and price, it is worth having.

7. De’Longhi bco430bm: Best All in One Compact Nespresso Machine

De’Longhi BCO430BM

De’Longhi BCo430BM is one of the finest Nespresso machines for cappuccino. It gained its popularity for its compact design, all in one functions, ease of use and economical price.  DeLonghi’s patented coffee brewing system extracts maximum flavor and aroma for barista style coffee experience. 

A 15 bar pressure system and brewing three different beverages ( espresso cappuccino and latte) make it one of the best Nespresso machines for a cappuccino. Furthermore, It has one site for authentic espresso, cappuccino, and latte. While the other side brews delicious coffee like macchiato and other wonderful combos. 

As if that’s not enough, then both water and coffee reservoirs are conveniently located with frontal access for drip coffee, so there is no need to move the machine every time. The advanced cappuccino system mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks and keeps them hot until it is serving time, so you can experience fresh and hot coffee. Furthermore, the active carbon filter keeps water fresh and free of impurities for better-tasting brewed coffee. The Brew Pause feature allows you to pour as soon as you are ready, so you don’t have to wait between brewing time. Moreover, The warming plate on the base keeps your coffee warm and fresh after brewing. For added convenience, store extra cups on top of the machine.


  • 24-hour Digital Timer:  Fresh-brewed coffee is ready when you are. You can even set it to Auto shutoff providing ultimate convenience.
  • Advanced Filter: Active carbon filter keeps your water fresh and free of impurities for better-tasting brewed coffee.
  • Extra Coffee: 10 cup carafe with extra capacity for brewing coffee making it a large water reservoir for easy and simple use.
  • Advanced Cappuccino System: The advanced cappuccino system mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for evenly textured drinks – just the way you like them.
  • Hot coffee brewing: The warming plate on the base keeps your coffee warm and fresh after brewing. For added convenience, store extra cups on top of the machine.

Why We Love It

  • 24-hour digital timer.
  • Advanced filter.
  • Durable.
  • Extra storage for coffee.
  • Simple controls.

Why We Not

  • If you are a professional brewer, then this machine is not best for you.

Final Words About De’Longhi bco430bm:

If you are a coffee freak who continuously changes his coffee taste from espresso to drip coffee, this machine is for you. We have not found anything so compact and intact like this. Easy cleaning and accessible frontal water tank is the main feature users like it for. Also, 24 hours programmable options help you have a pre-set brewing time to get the coffee on demand.

8. Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine: Best Automatic Cappuccino Maker for Whole Beans Coffee

Gaggia Brera Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Brewing your favorite cup of coffee using whole beans or ground coffee is the main purpose of the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine. Why does this machine bring so much value to solo dwellers? The main feature we liked the most is its ceramic burr grinder. If you view the machine from the top, it has a bean hopper and then a burr grinder which uses whole bean coffee. A grind adjustment gear along with the hopper can decide the particle size of coffee grind.

Starting from the power switch which is located at the back, you can switch the machine on with a single button. When you switch on the machine,  the power button at the front flashes, giving you the indication that the machine is ready for initial setup. The next step is to fill the water reservoir so that it can supply the water to the steam wand.

Easily accessible dreg box and water reservoir both can be pulled out from the front with ease. While testing, we found that you can easily refill the water because of its easy accessibility. it heats steam to the needed level in just 10 seconds and maintains it while you brew your favorite cappuccino. It takes up a small space in your kitchen and its sleek design helps in saving space.

Another pro tip that comes in handy is never brew the coffee when you fill the water reservoir.  Simply running it to steam wand will help you through rinsing of steam wand resulting in cleaning of any residuals left in manufacturing. The grinder gave us 5 grind settings and we chose the flavor we wanted.

Also, getting a steamy cup of coffee in 9 seconds is like a roller coaster. No need to wait and the coffee is ready in a blink of an eye. And by doser, this machine brews top-quality coffee for you, either be an espresso, cappuccino, or a latte, due to its brewing technique it is known as one of the best Nespresso machines for a cappuccino.

You can also choose among any flavor you want with a fully programmable drink volume. Pannarello steam wand uses an intake hole that siphons the air directly into milk, to create foamy, airy, cappuccino the way you like it best. Furthermore, the brew group can be easily removed for easy and simple cleaning and maintenance. As if that’s not enough, it comes with simple controls of some buttons and LEDs that help you select from coffee, both simple and custom.

Gaggia’s adapting system lets the machine learn of your coffee, and adjust how the machine grinds to make your preferred coffee. Accommodating just like the way you desire and delivering great quality coffee with utmost care. It is made up of stainless steel and plastic and pivoting steam wand helps you in creating foamy coffee.


  • Ceramic Grinder: Grinding your coffee beans or ground coffee using a ceramic grinder and by doser to deliver the top quality coffee with utmost taste.
  • Pannarello Steam wand: Pivoting steam wand mixes steam with milk to generate foamy, airy, tasty cappuccino just like the way you like them.
  • Easily Accessible: The dreg box and water reservoir both can be pulled out from the front and cleaned and maintained easily.
  • Sleek design: It has a compact and beautiful silver design which helps in saving a whole lot of space and increases the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Simple Controls: Some buttons and LEDs help you in choosing from different types of coffee and you can customize your drinks according to your need. A knob has three controls for brew, settings and dispensing of water. 
  • Gaggia Adapting System: Advanced system that learns your coffee and adjusts the grinding to make sure the brewed coffee is best tasting.
  • Material: Made of stainless steel and plastic construction makes it durable and can be easily cleaned.

Why We Love It

  • Durable.
  • Simple controls.
  • Easily cleanable and accessible.
  • Compact and beautiful design.
  • Advanced adapting system.
  • Steam wand for creating a foamy, airy cappuccino.
  • Be it coffee beans or ground coffee it brews all by using a ceramic grinder.

Why We Not

  • This machine is larger and narrower than a normal coffee maker.

Final Words About Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine:

The machine does not come with a water hardness tester. So the brew quality is fairly dependent on the quality of water you use. We recommend installing a water filter with this machine as it will easily protect the machine from lime/scale build up. There isn’t need for any coffee pods as the machine uses whole bean coffee and gives a fine rich creamy espresso if you set the grinder to fine particle size. The machine is highly recommended for those who want a strong flavor and different brew groups at the same time.

Buyer’s Guide

For instance, you go into the market to search for the best cappuccino maker for home, there to keep your coffee brewing easy and less time taking. You are looking for a Nespresso that is of fair price and fulfills your needs. Therefore, you must know a few things before selecting a Nespresso machine. These few things are important features that can help you select the best Nespresso machine for a cappuccino. Those features are:

  • Capacity: You would want a machine that doesn’t burden you and easily satisfy your needs. Capacity is one such factor; it means how much water a machine can hold and how many cups can be brewed at once.
  • Convenience: Considering the need of people, there are different machines available. For instance, you need a coffee brewer for outdoor use, like when traveling long distances or going far from home, and then you would consider a portable one. Well, other than that you should choose a machine that is an easy to use and cleaning option.
  • Cost: Cost is an important factor in determining whatever product you want to buy. Many Nespresso machines are ranging from 100-900 dollars. The cost-quality difference is the most important thing you need to see before buying one.
  • Clear and Simple Controls: How to use the clean machine is the first thing that comes to mind when buying a Nespresso machine. So, you should choose a machine that has simple controls and can brew your coffee in just one-touch.
  • Type of Coffee: This is the most important factor in choosing an ideal espresso machine. There are generally two types of coffee machines: Original and Vertuo. The Original machines are ideal for espresso and espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos, Americanos, and lattes, while Vertuo comes with 28 different coffee blends from which you can enjoy. If you are into milk-art coffee, then you should highly consider a milk-frother with a Nespresso machine.
  • Quality of Coffee: As I said above, the cost to quality ratio is important. Not all expensive machines deliver the best quality of coffee. It’s hard to say which machine makes the ideal cup of coffee as everyone has a different taste. So, we will highly recommend you try the brewed coffee before buying that machine.
  • Size of Coffee machine: The main question that comes to everyone’s mind before buying a Nespresso machine is that how much counter space will it take? If you think you will move the machine much more than usual for any reason, then you should consider a smaller size.

Although all of the above machines are the top cappuccino makers for home we give first place to NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto for its low price, quality brew, versatile drink and volume options. for those who are looking for an automatic cappuccino maker, Gaggia Brera Espresso Machine is best on the list for its easy operation and barista style brew with a built-in burr grinder.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ’s)

These are the frequently asked questions about best cappuccino makers for home;

Can You Make Cappuccino With a Nespresso Machine?

Yes, all the above-reviewed products come with a milk frother which helps in frothing milk for cappuccino or latte.

What’s So Special About the Nespresso Machine?

Making coffee instantly is the main feature of the Nespresso machine even faster than instant coffee. Moreover, it tastes great even for a newbie.

How to Make Foamy Coffee With a Nespresso Machine?

Steam wands are present in the Nespresso machines, they help in making light and airy foam.

How to Start a Nespresso Machine?

Well, all machines have different methods, but a good machine comes with simple and easy controls. All you have to do is select the choice of your coffee, and the machine will brew it for you.

Is a Nespresso Machine Worth It?

Yes indeed, a good Nespresso machine not only brews good quality coffee for you but it is also easy to clean and move. Furthermore, it has a lot of features that help you throughout your time in the kitchen.

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