Are Nespresso machines worth it?| A Comprehensive analysis

Nespresso Machines have been a blessing in times of the busy life of espresso lovers; the growth of its popularity is immensely high. If you are lazy or someone who has to pay transportation fees daily to get to your favorite coffee shop, buying one of these machines will save you a lot of trouble.

Also, a Nespresso machine gives you an instant cup of espresso without any hassle of learning how to operate a manual espresso maker to get a shot. Not everyone is born a  God-gifted barista who can make a perfect espresso shot. Nespresso machines are for normal, average coffee lovers who enjoy coffee for its taste rather than its brewing procedure. Then here’s the truth: you should purchase it to make your daily espresso shot count.

How do we know if Nespresso machines are worth it?

As a busy mom, businessman, or retired working person, brewing is a task that is quite complicated and time-consuming. After having tested many manual methods, I realized how important it is to have a Nespresso machine. Here are the reasons that I would show you as to why you should buy a Nespresso machine. 


In this modern age, we have multiple roles and less time to spend on ourselves. On some occasions, when you do not have time to go to a coffee shop or are exhausted from brewing it by yourself, the regular espresso machine would not be the optimal choice. In this case, a Nespresso machine would come in handy as it brews a perfect espresso by itself; no need to get into a hectic brewing process to get a perfectly balanced coffee. Let me show you the procedure and simplicity of getting a perfect espresso out of this machine:

  1. You just need to insert the desired aluminum coffee-flavored capsule and water.
  2. The machine will brew it automatically.

These two steps are done by centrifugation technology, which rotates the pod during brewing at the speed of 7000 rpm, giving you a perfect coffee in minimum time. 

Flavorful and eye-pleasing

Baristas are professional coffee makers, and they enjoy the process of brewing coffee more than the coffee itself. However, being a working person, we just want a nice taste of coffee when we drink it. Not every one of us can perfectly proportion a suitable flavor of coffee, sometimes the flavor is good, and other times it’s not good. Instead of reminiscing over the time lost over bad coffee and having a bad day, Nespresso machines are lifesavers. Let me explain in points to give you clarity on how Nespresso makes good-tasting and eye-pleasing coffee: 

  • Different modes of roasted coffee beans, ranging from light to medium to dark, according to your taste.
  • The brewed coffee mug comes with crema, which is a thick foam that adds to the fancy look of your black coffee.
  • Instead of buying full bags of flavors, a variety of flavors can be picked, the coffee flavors come in aluminum-packed capsules that stay fresh due to the presence of nitrogen. 
  • No worries about your coffee going stale.

Coffee going stale, not giving a good taste, taking too much time, or having the same everyday dull taste will not be one of your problems anymore due to this amazing machine. This machine gives you a fail-proof coffee every day with a new desired taste.

Low maintenance plus hygienic: 

Here’s the deal: something that is low maintenance and easily cleanable is a perfect choice to add to your early morning routine or leisure hour enjoyment. The Nespresso machine looks fancy, adds to the delicacy of the house, is handy to use, and is easy to clean. Cleaning a Nespresso machine does not require much time or work, plus it is quite low maintenance as compared to other espresso machines. 

Downside of Nespresso

Let’s be truthful, every good thing comes with a price, and all of us are not strangers to this line. Having numerous good points alongside a fancy look and surface, there are a few things you need to know.

High expense value:

The price of this machine is quite expensive; even the less costly ones are about $150-200. This might have given you an idea of how costly it is; moreover, the price of pods is excluded from the price of the actual machine. The price you would be paying can be divided as

  • Price of machine: The Nespresso machine alone is already costly enough, and if you desire a milk frother, you would have to pay for an Aeroccino frother to brew milk coffee, which would also cost extra money. 
  • Price of pods: Along with the machine, espresso coffee is also of high price; one pod would cost almost  $0.70-$0.90,  which is more expensive than regular coffee pods. Using reusable pods will not be that much of a help either.

Solely for espresso

Nespresso has a variety of flavors, but when it comes to variety in beverages, it does not provide the best service. Ristretto and Lungo are not included to be brewed in this machine; it only brews perfect espresso. There is an update on this feature in the new Nespresso Vertuoline, where you would have a variety of beverages; however, it would cost more.

Environmental influence

This might disturb you if you are a nature lover; the Nespresso is not environment friendly. Nespresso pods are not recyclable, and even if they are recycled, they require a lot of energy. If people do actively recycle aluminum pods, it might not be that much of a threat to the environment. However, statistics show that recycling numbers are low. Moreover, it is owned by the Nestle corporation, which is infamous for its environmental impact.


In conclusion, the Nespresso machine is a perfect choice if you can maintain the expenses; however, if you can not keep up with the expenses, statistics show that Starbucks yearly coffee is more expensive than Nespresso. The taste of coffee is in a variety of flavors, and it tastes amazing. If you are looking into buying it, I would recommend keeping updates on sales, as it comes at the best prices with all of its features. 

After Comparing it with other coffee machines like Keurig, Braun Tassimo, and other regular espresso machines, none can match the creme, lavish and good flavored espresso made with Nespresso, and neither with the consistency of this machine. It is easy as well as convenient to use and serves as a durable coffee maker with a sleek and fancy outlook.

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