How to Clean Coffee Maker without Vinegar

If you don’t want to use vinegar for cleaning, learning how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar can solve your problem. On a cold morning, a cup of coffee in your hand is a blessing. As we know home appliances including affordable coffee maker needs to be cleaned in a routine. A dirty coffee maker can affect the taste as well as efficiency of a coffee maker.

Furthermore according to the research conducted by NFC international more than 50% of coffee makers in the world contain bacteria and mold. This is a threatening condition for human wellbeing. So we should make it our habit to clean our coffee maker in routine. One disturbing fact is that in research it is found that the dirt and bacteria found in coffee makers are more than bacteria found in bathrooms and toilets. So we should take it seriously.

Why Vinegar is not a Good Option?

Vinegar is a good option for cleaning the coffee maker but it has some drawbacks also. When we clean the coffee maker with vinegar it leaves a very strong odor which may affect the taste of your coffee. More to deal with this problem you need more water while washing and you need to rinse it more than or times so it will take more time. One more fact is that vinegar is not affecting in removing grease but kills bacteria faster so you need more cycles to remove grease and an extra amount of oil. 

There are many options other than vinegar that is mentioned in detail in the following:

1-Baking Soda: 

Baking soda is the best option for cleaning grease and dirt from the coffee makers. it’s the best cleaning agent and will give you magical results. 

  1. Put I cup of lukewarm water into the coffee maker.
  2. Add ¼ cup of baking soda to it.
  3. Stir it well. 
  4. Now give it one cycle.
  5. Remove this water. 
  6. Again fill the pot with lukewarm. 
  7. Give one more cycle. 

If the water is clean your coffee maker is ready to use. If the water is dirty you need to give or more cycles to clean


Lemon’s cleaning effects are as good as vinegar but the good thing about it is that it doesn’t leave a bad smell after washing. For cleaning the machine you can directly squeeze the lemon in the machine or you can also use lemon juice as well. The method of cleaning the machine with lemon is about the same as cleaning with baking soda.

  1. Fill the machine with lukewarm water.
  2. Run the machine
  3. Add half a cup of lemon juice.
  4. Give one more cycle.
  5. Drain this water and give or cycles of plain water to remove the remaining lemon juice.
  6. Wash carafe with lemon juice and water solution.
  7. In the last clean outside of the machine with detergent and sponge.

3-Cream of Tartar

A cream of tartar contains acids that can be alternate of cleaning your machine with vinegar. Different acids in it will help you to clean your machine in less time and with less energy.

  • Fill your machine with water.
  • now add tablespoons full of cream of tartar.
  • Mix this solution until cream dissolve in it.
  • Give cycle. 
  • Give cycle of water. Repeat it if needed. 


When you clean your coffee machine with lemon, vinegar, or other solutions, sometimes these all things are unable to clean and descale your coffee machine well, for this situation CLR which is composed of calcium, lime, and rust removal is the best solution. You can find it in any departmental store. You can also order it online.

  • Give one cycle of water to remove residuals of the last coffee.
  • fill the machine with water and CLR in the ratio of 8.5and 1.5.
  • Now give a cycle.
  • Give or more cycles of water to remove the remaining CLR.  

5-Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Hydrogen peroxide is a famous cleaning agent which cleans appliances in minutes. Its results are trustworthy. You can clean your coffee machine in simple steps.

  • Put one glass of solution into the machine.
  • Add water and give one complete cycle.
  • Now drain it and give or cycles of water to remove residues of hydrogen peroxide until the smell is finished because the hydrogen peroxide is dangerous if inhaled. 

6-Denture tablets

Denture tablets are best for removing bacteria and unhealthy minerals. You can clean your coffee machine with it also. You can find these tablets in medical stores and markets. A few steps are written in the following for cleaning.

  • Fill the container with lukewarm water. 
  • Add denture tablets.
  • Give one cycle.
  • Now give or more cycles of water to clean the container well and make sure there are no more leftover tablets.


No doubt vodka is the best option for cleaning in comparison with vinegar because it has no specific odor which will irritate in the last. Vodka has no taste as well which will lessen the wastage of water and cleaning will be marvelous. Here are few steps a few cleaning steps. 

  • Mix water with alcohol in a ratio of 3:1.
  • Add this solution to the machine’s container.
  • Give complete cycle.
  • Give one cycle of water to ensure the cleaning. 
  • Wipe out outer surfaces with water and vodka solution. This will surely remove germs from your coffee machine.

8-Liquid dishwasher

If you feel easy in cleaning your coffee maker by parts then a dishwasher is the best option for it. You will find the best results.

  • Disassemble all the parts of the machine.
  • Wash all the parts with the dishwasher.
  • Wash all parts with water.
  • Assemble all the parts.
  • After assembling fill the machine with water and give one cycle to ensure that there is no soap left in the machine. Now the machine is ready for making coffee. Make a cup of coffee and enjoy.


Borax is a cleaner which is used in the cleanliness of many things like ovens, stoves and even in the cleanliness of coffee maker also. Here are some tips to clean your coffee machines with borax. 

  • Mix or tablespoons of borax in warm water.
  • Put the mixture in the coffee machine and give cycle. 
  • Now give more cycle of water.
  • Clean outer parts of the machine with a damp cloth. 

10-Saltwater and ice cubes

When we are cleaning our machine after a long time the machine has a lot of scaling in it. To descale a combination of ice cubes and saltwater is a good option. You can also clean removable parts with it. 

  • Just mix ice cubes and table salt in a carafe. 
  • Use a long spoon or cloth to rub this solution against the surface of a carafe.
  • Wash all the parts with water and enjoy your coffee.


Coffee machines are the busiest machinery at home. They get more bacteria, dirt, and scales over time. That’s why they need more cleanliness all the time. In the above, we have given you 10 cleaning tips. Try all tips and choose which one you find best. Use these tips and get rid of old-style of cleaning with vinegar. But if you want another way of cleaning apple cider vinegar is another option.

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