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You might have ordered frappuccino before and enjoyed it a lot but what about frappe? Have you ever tried it before? Is it also a kind of frappuccino? There may be a number of drinks that you have tried before and to sense the difference between them will be challenging for you. while these two sounds similar and there are few similarities but they are different.

This post will guide you what is the difference between frappe and frappuccino .How they are made and what flavors you can get. The short answer to the question that both drinks are different is yes. Both drinks are different from each other.  Frappe?


Frape is actually an iced-based drink that has blended coffee and it has whipped cream topping. They can be served anywhere with different combinations. It can be sweet, with or without coffee but it is always in a blended and milky form.


Frappuccino is Starbucks trademark and only they have licensed to sell them. A frappuccino is a cappuccino blended with ice and milkshakes.it can be served with different flavors such as chocolate or sprinkles.

Let them discuss these two drinks in detail.


Frappe is an iced drink that is made up of coffee and then sugar water and ice are added.it is a french word that means a chilled drink with ice. The taste of the frappe depends upon its making. Usually, it is made of coffee, milkshake, and milk and it results in a sweet drink. The first frappe was made with instant coffee and till now it is made with instant coffee. If you make it with regular coffee the taste will be different. instant coffee enhances its bitter taste and makes it different from others. The frappe drink contains caffeine in it and the amount of caffeine depends upon the amount of instant coffee it has. However, it has 27 to 137mg caffeine depending upon what type of coffee beans it has. frappe has low to zero calories as mainly it is served without sugar and instant coffee itself has no calorie

However, the frappe with milkshakes has calories as high as 50 calories per 100ml. And if you add one scoop of vanilla ice cream as a topping the calories go as high as 136 calories.

How to prepare frappe drink

Step 1

Use any container which can shake your coffee. otherwise use a blender to reduce your work. Here we will use a blender.

Step 2

Now place Nescafe instant coffee in the blender and add cold water and sugar with it.to prepare 12 ounces of glass, use 2 spoons of coffee, an equal amount of sugar, and water. However, you can make coffee as strong as you want.

Step 3

Now blend the mixture for 5 seconds in a blender and if you are shaking it, shake it for 30 seconds. The result will be smooth foam.

Step 4

Now take different glasses. Add ice cubes in it and slowly add the foam to it. 

Step 5

Add water to the mixture until the glass is full.

Step 6

 Depending upon your taste you can leave some space for milk.

Step 7

Your drink is ready, palace a straw and enjoy it.

Some tips

*If you want to make your drink sweeter, add more milk and less coffee.

*And if you want your drink to be stronger, add more coffee and less milk.

*If the instant coffee is from a single bean origin, your drink will have a sour taste.

*If you want a balanced taste of frappe, use instant coffee from a blend of coffee beans.

*Using light roasted coffee beans also results in a sour taste so better to use dark roasted coffee beans.


Frappicunno is a cappuccino and is mixed with milkshakes, ice, sugar, cream, and a wide array of sweeteners. different types of the flavor of this iced drink are available. You can add chocolate to make it a chocolate frappuccino or you can even add caramel syrup to make a caramel frappuccino.

Originally frappuccino was made with coffee but Starbucks introduces its new flavors without adding coffee such as vanilla flavor frappuccino but they didn’t totally wipe off coffee flavor. you can still find a frappuccino with coffee or with an espresso shot.

If you look at its calories content it is rich in calories as it has cream, sugar, and flavors to make it.so if you have goals to shed some weight, avoid this high-calorie creamy iced drink.

How to prepare frappuccino

The most common question asked by many people is can they make frappuccino at home? As it is earlier mentioned that frappuccino is a Starbuck trademark and there is no recipe available however you can make it at home.  

Step 1

Take a jar and place concentrated coffee in it . Now place this jar in the refrigerator to get cold.it is suggested to use concentrated coffee that you don’t use in your daily routine.

Step 2

Now pour this concentrated mixture into a blender if you are using low-fat milk don’t forget to add cream. Do not add too much cream so that it maintains its coffee taste.

Step 3

Add the flavor of your choice. if you want vanilla frappuccino you can add vanilla flavor.


Sweeten your drink with condensed milk or simply with sugar or you can add any sweet syrup.

Step 5

When you are done with adding flavor and sweetener, put an ice cube in it and blend it.

Step 6

Add more ice cubes until the blender becomes full of it. Now blend it till all ice cubes are broken and the frappuccino is smooth.

Step 7

Serve your ice frappuccino with a straw or spoon and enjoy it. In this way, you can add any of your desired flavors to your icy drink and can enjoy it at home.

How to make concentrated coffee

Here are few steps to help how you can make concentrated coffee for frappuccino:

Step 1

Take a strong brand grounded coffee into a large container.

Step 2

Now add cold water to it up to your liking.

Step 3

Stir the mixture to its best so that it is mixed properly with coffee.

Step 4

Cover the mixture and leave it for 12 hours.

Step 5

After 12 hours, take a separate container with a mesh wire on its top.


Gently pour the liquid through the stainer. Remember that it takes time to pass through it.

Step 7

When all liquid has been extracted, place it in the fridge to cool again 

Step 8

Once the concentrate is cooled you can use it for your ice drink.

Some differences between frappe and frappuccino

Despite having few similarities both drinks have some differences. The major difference is that frappe is made with instant coffee while frappuccino is made with vanilla, milk, and sugar. Let us review some differences between both drinks.

The style of coffee used and brewing method:


Instant coffee is used.


Brewed coffee is used


Frappe originated in Europe.


Frappuccino is a trademark of Starbucks


Frappe always has caffeine but this is not always the case with a frappuccino.

Calories content

Frapuccino is a high-calorie drink while frappe has low to zero calories.

Some similarities

As we have discussed some differences between the two drinks let us talk about similarities.

The booth drinks are iced drinks, either you have to blend the ice or add the ice. This makes both drinks favorable for the summer season.

Except this, both drinks bring a cooling effect and give you energy.

In addition, they are somewhere similar in taste as both have milk and coffee in them. Both drinks are large serving drinks.Frappe is about 120oz /335ml and the frappuccino is about 300ml.

Health risk of consuming frappe or frappuccino

Overdosing both drinks may expose you to certain health risks. as we have discussed that both drinks are sweet drinks and frappuccino is high-calorie drunk so it may lead to diabetes or high blood pressure. A high sugar diet also stimulates the liver to store unnecessary fats and enter them into your bloodstream hence causing heart diseases.

Caffeine in both drinks can also be a risk factor as caffeine enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain and intercept the functioning of adenosine receptors. The adenosine receptors control many brain activities when you are awake and slow down your brain activity. You will start feeling tired, fatigued, and sleepy. when you are sleeping the level of adenosine decreases and you feel wakefulness. 

Consuming too much caffeine can disturb your sleep patterns and causes insomnia. so it is recommended to take both drinks and any other coffee drinks in moderate amounts.

Final words

 I hope this article will help to understand the similarities and differences of booth drinks. Both drinks are very famous drinks and are summer drinks. Frappe uses instant coffee while frappuccino can be made without coffee and with any desired flavor. Frappuccino is a trademark of Starbucks. but it is suggested not to overindulge in these drinks or any coffee drink because they can cause you some health risk.

Frequently asked questions

Can you make a frappe with a blender?

Yes, a frappe is made with a blender with a number of cold things to blend in it either it is ice or ice cream or milkshakes.

Can you make a frappuccino at home?

Frappuccino is a trademark of Starbucks and firstly they introduced them. There is no specific recipe available for frappuccino by Starbucks however you can make frappuccino at home.

Are frappe and frappuccino different drinks?

Yes, both are different drinks. Frappe is made with instant coffee while it is not necessary for frappuccino to use coffee.

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