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So you recently bought an espresso machine, which made you wonder how it works? Or perhaps you are indecisive and trying to find if an espresso machine is easy to use or not? Whatever the cause may be, we will help you find out and answer some of the most asked questions that will aid you in further evaluate your decision.

Espresso machines have been used for quite some time now and loved among people for their two very distinct functions, pulling an amazing shot of espresso every time and their ease of use. It is easy to use pods for making an espresso, but it cannot beat a handmade espresso that you made using an espresso machine. and you connect with it as well on a level since it is your creation.

Here is the breakdown of steps to perform when aiming for a perfect espresso.

Preheat your espresso machine.

This step is something that most people skip as they don’t know how beneficial it becomes to the taste of your espresso. Similar to how you warm up before a mile run or hardcore workout.

You need to make sure that your machine is preheated. You simply need to turn it on and wait for some time.

We advise you to do this step in advance as this can take up to 15 to 20 minutes in some machines. Majority of people first pull a blank shot by making the machine devoid of portafilter as this acts as a catalyst to the whole process.

Once you get the idea of how much time it takes for your espresso maker to warm up, you can decide what time you want to turn it on.

Measure your beans and grind them.

If it is your first time with an espresso machine, a pro tip here would be to use a scale to measure your coffee beans and grind them. after a few shots, you will have it engraved in your mind how much you need.

Now that we have our exact measure of required coffee beans, begin grinding them, if you have a built-in grinder in your espresso machine, use that. most of these espresso makers that are of good quality have a grinder as well.

For those who do not have a built-in one, you can use a normal grinder as well to make it work.

If you want to use pre-ground coffee/ coffee powder, that will also do the job.

it is all practice that speaks in form of great-tasting espresso.

Make sure to grind them until fine in case of espresso and if you want regular coffee you can leave it a bit coarse.

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Tamp your coffee for better brewing.

If you do not tamp, the water will not be able to extract the flavors and oils of coffee which is the main element and you end up with a blunt taste in your is hence important to first tamp and make the surface even from all sides of the portafilter. all you need to do is press it down straight with some pressure (not a lot).

This will ensure that you are able to get out all the juices and flavors out and into your cup. put the portafilter into its place and move to the next step.

Make your shot by pressing the button.

After you preheated your espresso maker, used organic and fresh coffee grounds and tamped your coffee with all the love, and placed the portafilter where it belongs, it is just one step that you need to complete.

Press the button and you will have a perfect espresso shot falling into your mug right away.

We hope that it is as rich and dark as you wanted it to be. now you can appreciate your hard work.

Remember that you will not be able to have the best of espresso until you have practiced for a while. After some time it is a smooth walk.

Steam and froth the milk.

With the help of a built-in frother and steaming wand, you can do this process. if your machine does not have any of these you can do that manually as well. the frother will make your espresso lighter and less heavy in the overall texture. This step is very much important if you are making macchiato or latte. If your machine does not have a steam wand, you will have to use a separate milk steamer.

We recommend you use cold milk instead of hot as this will enhance the richness and taste of your beverage.

Frequently asked questions.

How to clean an espresso machine?

Cleaning an espresso machine is not a big deal unless you do not have any prior experience of doing so. Irrespective of your knowledge, clean the outside of the housing of the machine with any mild cleaning agent in case of any buildup or coffee stains. For the insides, pull a blank shot every once in a while. Do not immerse your unit in water in any case.

How to make espresso using regular coffee beans.?

You can use any type of coffee beans to make espresso drinks or any other coffee beverage. We would still recommend using espresso blends for this purpose. These blends are made for the act of making espresso drinks and are low in acidic content as compared to regular ones. 

How to make espresso without a machine.

You can surely make espresso without using any machine but we could not recommend you to do so as the work is a lot and no one will want to wait for an espresso for that long.

However, if you want something low cost and good at the creation of espresso we have compiled some of the best espresso machines under $200 that will do the job.

Can I use any type of coffee in an espresso machine?

Yes, you can use any coffee machine as long as it is crafted especially for the purpose of making espresso. If you want to use a simple coffee machine, that will require a lot of work from you to have the end result as an espresso.

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Final thoughts

There are a number of ways to make a number of different types of drinks and it all begins with one step that is choosing your coffee grounds and then a perfect brewing of those.

For a rich and creamy flavor, you do not need a highly expensive machine or expertise in barista skills. Just grab any of your favorite machine that serves your purpose well and begins brewing. However, you can practice with simple brewing methods and later on move to advanced ones. there is no such thing as a method. You can make your very own creation just how you like it.

When you are hunting for a machine look for the accessories and its user interface. These two are the most important factors to make sure of when buying an espresso machine.

 An espresso machine should be flexible to the user, that is what makes it the best espresso machine. However, if you are looking for some best in class espresso machines that are affordable make sure to check out our post on best espresso machines under $200.

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