Ways to Use A Nespresso Machine, Tips of Using & Difference Between Original & Vertuo Line

Using a Nespresso machine involves easy steps from turning on the machine until you get your final drink. These machines don’t require high-tech work involved while using. Nespresso machines were designed in 1986, keeping the convenience, ease of use, and versatility of drinks in the mind.

After the passage of decades, these machines have evolved towards more simplicity, technology, and still easy-to-use options. Also, the manufacturers have introduced many of its accessories over time and you get a variety of milk frothers, coffee grinders, and coffee roasters.

You get an easy espresso by just pushing a simple button thus having a hassle-free coffee in the morning. Many advanced Nespresso machines have the Wi-Fi feature in them, enabling them to connect to your smart gadget. So whenever a coffee lover buys a coffee machine, the question arises of how to use a Nespresso machine?

How To Use A Nespresso Machine

But before knowing the method of using a Nespresso machine, learning about its categories is important. It can help you understand which type of machine you are using and what are their potential uses.

Key Steps When Using a Nespresso Machine

Here are few important steps to follow while using Nespresso machine. Each step is very simple to follow but you need to take these steps with sequence to refrain any error.

  • Fill The Water Tank

You will only need to fill the water tank at least halfway, any level of water will work that is enough for the coffee cup but a higher level lessens the risk of scorching ground coffee. Also, make sure to add the water according to your required amount of cups of coffee.

  • Turn The Nespresso Machine On

Depending on the model, there will be a button on the top of the machine allowing you to turn you on. Give some time to the machine to preheat itself.

  • Place the Cup

Place the cup on the outlet depending on the machine and choose the right size of cup some machines have the capacity to hold small to the large size of cups.

  • Open The Capsule Container

Nespresso machines have a lever, while vertou line have unlockable head So before using one consult the manual to see how to open a capsule.

  • Place the Nespresso Capsule

Each machine differs in the direction of pods you face. But most likely, you should lay the capsule on its side or vertically with the logo facing upward. Close the lid, and lower the lever. Secure the pod and ensures that the lid is locked. Use a sharp piercer needle to puncture the capsule and keep your fingers safe.

  • Press the button, And Brew

Many of the several Nespresso machines but if yours have several, it will likely be to choose a cup or type of coffee. After choosing the right type of cup, Press the button, and your coffee will begin to flow as soon as the water is hot enough.

Some machines have smart heating which automatically starts or stops heating when the desired temp is reached. If it is taking too much time, it may be because you put the capsule before the preheating.

  • Eject the Used Capsule

Every model has a specific way to eject the pod, Most the Nespresso machine requires you to pull the lever, press down, and rotated to eject the pod. Some of the Nespresso machines have extra space for storing used capsules and need to be ejected before brewing them for another time.

If you don’t empty the used containers then you won’t be able to put capsules in the machine. Simply, lift the lever and it will eject the capsule some of the Nespresso machines has an automatic system that ejects the used capsule and throws it in the container that needs to be emptied.

  • Add Milk, Cream, or Your Preference

Just like your normal coffee, you can make a cappuccino or latte using a milk frother. A Cappuccino is an Italian, espresso-based drink that is usually prepared with a double shot of espresso, steamed milk foam also known as microfoam.

You can add extra ingredients to make a latte or cappuccino of your desired taste but, there are three main ingredients. The Main Ingredients are:

  1. Ristretto Capsule or One Espresso Capsule of your choice
  2. 2. 3.4oz of milk or 1/3 cup of cold milk
  3. 3. Sugar 1 tbsp

Re-Order the Pods: You will become used to this fast-making process of making coffee, but don’t forget to re-order pods before running out of them. Reorder the pods to enjoy a seamless stream of coffee.

Now you know how to use a Nespresso machine for making coffee or any type of drink that suits you best. Don’t forget to clean the Nespresso machine to completely enhance features of the Nespresso machine.

Pro Tips of Using a Nespresso Machine

When you are going to use a Nespresso machine for the first time, make sure to wash it thoroughly or flush the high pressurized water from the faucet. It will help to clean all the residues that can impair the flavor of your coffee. You can use a cleaner or use some DIY methods to rinse it completely. Following these guidelines can give you a barista style coffee along with a long lifespan of your machine.

  • Rinse the water tank

First of all, remove the water tank from the machine and clean it thoroughly make sure it does not contain anything from previous filling using the water of your faucet can rinse 99.9% of the residues residing your machine’s tank.

  • Fill the tank

Use fresh water to fill the tank. You can also use mineral water or any water that you use for drinking purpose.

  • Adjust the cup holder

To adjust the height of cup holder, palace a large mu or a pitcher of 1 liter and then adjust the cup holder it will give you enough space and set your machine. Later you can use any size of cup or mug in it.

  • Check nespresso capsules

Pull the nespresso lever to check there is no previous nespresso capsule left. If there is any used capsule left, remove it from there and close the lever.

  • Thorough cleaning of nespresso Original line

A Nespresso original line has two buttons named lungo and espresso. Press either of the button, both the buttons will liht up and start blinking. When the machine is turned on and the buttons stop blinking, press lungo button to flush out all the wter.by repeating this process for 2, 3 times will completely rinse the machine leaving no residues.

  • Complete rinsing of Vertou line machine

The vertou line machine has a cup symbol button on its top. When you press it three times within two seconds, it flushes off all the water. This method can help you clean up vertou line machine.

These steps will help you clean up your whole machine to make it ready for your cup of coffee. After that follow the instructions to use the nespresso machine to brew your favorite drinks.

Types of Nespresso Machines

Usually, Nespresso machines come in two types, the original line, and vertuo line. Apart from the basic function which is the same in both types, they have a difference in the type of drink they can make, pods, and the construction of the machine itself. Let’s discuss how they are different from one another.

Difference Between Vertuo And Original

Difference Between Vertuo And Original

The Nespresso machine can only make the drinks like espresso and espresso-based drinks so the people who love cappuccino and lattes opt for a Nespresso machine. But on the other hand, a vertou line can prepare other drip-type coffee flavors.

Also, both machines use different types of pods and capsules so knowing your requirement beforehand is a crucial thing before buying a Nespresso machine. Once you have a Nespresso machine of either line, the next step is knowing its parts and the use of each part. Nespresso machines are composed of different parts that are:

  • Water Tank:

Water tank is the most important and basic component of a nespresso machine that holds the water for brewing process.

  • Lever:

The lever of the machine opens and releases the capsule holder to work at the time of brew in vertou line, the head of the machine works on capsule holder and also discards the used capsule by throwing it away.

  • Capsule holder:

It is a compact drawer that holds the capsules of coffee. It an contain upto 20 capsules in it and you can keep it under your Nespresso machine.

  • Control Panel:

It has control buttons in both types of machines in Nespresso, the buttons are different for different drinks but in vertou line one button handles multiple drinks’ capsules by auto detection.

  • Waste basket:

This waste baskets collects the used capsules form the Nespresso machine all you need to pull the lever, and the machine ejects the waste capsules to the basket attached on side.

  • Drip tray:

Drip tray is an essential part of a Nespresso machine that collects the residues f water, milk, coffee or any thing that reaches the bottom of the machine some old models had 2 drip trays but new models of both types have only one tray.


Hope this article has helped you to learn how to use a Nespresso machine and it is a wise advise to read the manual of the machine before you start using hit and trial methods of using a machine for the first time may harm your machine. An important tip is to never use original line capsules in vertou line or otherwise. If you keep the water tank and milk frother clean and wash it every time you use it, it will help you maintain the original flavor of your coffee and will protect your machine.

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