How to Make Cappuccino with Espresso Machine – coffee making guide

Making a cappuccino with an espresso machine might seem like a new thing to do, but lots of people have already been doing that. So here is their little secret of how you too do not need some special equipment or skills like that of a barista to achieve a good tasting/looking cappuccino beverage.

A cappuccino is an espresso-based drink that has been blended with milk to perfection. Originated in Italy, the drink got famous among people for its rich and fluffy taste for over 100 years according to the new york times. That is enough reason for knowing how a cappuccino can be made in an espresso machine.

This article will take you through a straightforward step-by-step guide to make a cappuccino all by yourself. such a newly acquired skill of yours will surprise your friends and family.

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Elements of cappuccino:

Before the actual process, let us know some of the elements of cappuccino and what all goes into its exquisite taste. A cappuccino is not just one type but a dry a wet, and a traditional one. These are the three types of cappuccino that you surely didn’t know. 

A traditional cappuccino is made with equal parts of an espresso shot, steamed milk, and milk foam. Using primarily double shots of espresso with each cup, the traditional drink is served with some good foam to act as an insulator for your drink to be hot.

A dry cappuccino is something called a dark cappuccino. It has more milk foam and is kept darker due to less milk content. As the milk is less in a dark cappuccino, you will find it comparatively more robust than regular.

Opposite of a dark cappuccino is a wet cappuccino, with more of mil and froth. Being light in color, it tastes less bitter and more creamy, and less textured. Make it “super wet,” and you have a latte.

What is a good cappuccino?

A good cappuccino is something that you love in all means and aspects. however, here is the universal composition of a fantastic cappuccino beverage:

  • Take ⅓ espresso shot
  • Add ⅓ steamed milk
  • Also ⅓ dense froth.

The measurements as mentioned above might vary depending on the quantity of beverage you want to make. The only thing to consider is the excellent flavors that come from using a good blend of coffee grounds. Cappuccino is usually served this way, but you can customize it in any manner you wish to.

To add to its taste, you can add flavors and Vanilla caramel and chocolate being the most loved among them. For sweeteners, it is upon your choice to do so or not.

What you will need:

Espresso Machine

It does not have to be any high-end product that robs you of your savings. A regular espresso machine will do just fine. you need this to pull the base shot for your beverage. Also, it would be helpful f your machine has some much-needed add ons like the steam wand and a milk frother. However, these two steps can be done manually as well but need time.

The milk of your choice

Being the central part, milk has a lot to do with how your cappuccino will end up tasting. Begin by steaming the milk with your steam wand. You can do so with your gas stove for those without one, take the required quantity of milk in a heatable utensil, and heat it till warm/hot.

After that, froth your milk using the frother in the espresso machine. You can buy a manual frother provided that your machine does not come with one. Make the desired amount of foam and set it aside. For the best results, we suggest milk with less fat, like 2% in it. considering that you are a newbie, start with nonfat milk as it is the easiest to make froth of compared to a regular one. 

We are saying to pre-make this part to save your time and make the whole process easy and smooth. But you can choose to pull the shot and then steam and froth your milk. If you steam milk or froth it at a high temperature, the bubble will not stay. So if the foam is what you want, let the milk cool down to lower temperature or lukewarm, then be frothing as it is challenging.

A thermometer is optional for those who are particular about it, you need to check the temperature to get the right temperature. Skipping this part will not make a huge difference t your drink. A suggested temperature is 150 to 155 Fahrenheit for a cappuccino.

The actual steps:

Preheat your espresso machine

Please turn it on and let the inner parts warm up for a while. This will help you get the right e=temperature and make sure that it is not a bland-tasting shot. A pre-heated machine can extract much more flavor as compared to the one sued immediately.

Fill the portafilter

 Add in a new and unused filter which might be paper or reusable. Fill in your coffee grounds and tamp off the excess. Tamping is necessary to get the water in contact with all the particles, thus taking out all the juices and flavors.

 Pulling an espresso shot

 This step does not need to be done with a lot of perfection. Take your favorite coffee grounds and add water to the reservoir for making an espresso shot. You can do a single or a double shot as per your wish.

Some people prefer to weigh their coffee before putting it in for a shot. you need a weighing scale for this purpose. For a smooth shot, make sure to use soft water or treat the water before using it. To save time, packaged drinking water will also work fine. Remember to keep a mug underneath the outlet!

Add the pre-made milk. As we stated earlier, it is time for you to add the steamed and frothed milk to your coffee after the shot has been done pulling. If not done already, you can do that now. It will also allow your espresso shot to cool down slightly for a better-tasting coffee.

Add ons for the flavors. If you wish, you can add sweeteners and flavorings of all sorts available in the market. But do not add more than one flavor to your drink as this might make it weird in taste and ruin your piece of art.

Also, adding a few drops should be fine for adding the right amount of punch to your cappuccino. Top it off with some cocoa powder or shredded chocolate. Some people prefer to pour in the milk slowly to let the shot mix with milk properly, and we also suggest you do so.

There you have it! Your very own cappuccino made with an espresso machine.

Frequently asked questions:

How do you make Cappuccino step by step?

1. Heat the milk until it boils.

2. Use a milk frother to froth, beat or thicken the milk

3. Add the pre-made coffee to it

4. Enjoy your cappuccino.

What are the main ingredients of a cappuccino?

you don’t need a lot of ingredients to make a cappuccino. it is easy to make a cappuccino only with steamed milk, double espresso, and hot milk.

What is the difference between a latte and a cappuccino?

Latte is the light version of coffee that has steamed milk with a light foam layer. Whereas a cappuccino comes with steamed milk having an even distribution of espresso, foamed milk, and hot milk.

How to make foam on a cappuccino?

An expresso machine usually has a frothing wand. add the milk to your stainless steel jug and put the wand inside the milk, not touching the surface only. You should tilt your jug slightly and then foam all over the milk for a better frothy texture and foam for manual frothers.

It will surely take some practice for you to get a proper amount of foam and bubbles. Do not froth when the milk is hot, as the foam will not stay.

Can we make a double shot with ⅓ of milk and foam?

Yes, you can do a double espresso shot, but the cappuccino will differ in color and taste. That is, it will be dark and bitter, which is a dark cappuccino.

What type of milk is best?

For beginners, nonfat or low-fat milk is best as it is easy to make foam off. However, using regular milk will make the flavors stand out. Lamond milk or oat milk, and other similar products will undoubtedly alter the taste of your drink, and you might not end up like that.

What is the right way to pour milk into the base?

Tilt the mug slightly and then slowly pour the milk continuously into your beverage. It is not a statement of style but a technique used to get the milk properly soaked up in flavor and shot. The said process is also done to achieve the perfect color and texture of a cappuccino. since the foam is left behind, you can add that with the help of a spoon on top of the drink.

What is the best jug to use?

We suggest you use a stainless one with a spout. Since most jugs have a way for the milk to flow through, it becomes easier for beginners to pour the milk without making a mess. Also, you can know the temperature of the milk outside of a jug, which is helpful for people particular about the flavors and temperature of the drink.

Final words

Making a perfect cup of cappuccino or pulling the rightly flavored shot will need some good amount of practice. Remember to have patience and consistency with you at all times. Also, learning the right way of steaming and frothing milk will make considerable changes to your drink and how it turns out to be.

We hope that you found this guide worth the read and have found some new tips as well. Make sure to follow the steps as suggested for the best possible drink, just like the one in your mind right now.

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