Coffee with Almond milk|Best Combinations – What You can Make of them

You can use sweetened Using various kinds of milk available in the market today has become the new trend.Coffe with almond milk is one of the favourite combinations for all kind of coffee lovers.  Emerging mainly from YouTubers and their love for lattes or cappuccinos, the people have developed a newfound interest in almond milk.

So what actually is almond milk?

Almond Milk

It is simply the milk with the same properties/nature as any other but a slight alteration of taste. For almond milk you get a taste of almonds, and so is the case with soy milk. You can use sweetened or unsweetened milk depending on your choice. If you are on a run for better and less jittery initial hours every morning, an almond milk latte will do the job while keeping up with the aim of waking you up.

These two types of milk have been the most favorite of Americans when it comes to coffee. And that is what we are here for, getting to know what almond milk magic can happen to your simple coffee shots every day.

 1. Almond latte 

First on the list is the classic almond is basically a basic latte drink replacing your regular milk with almond milk, perhaps with or without sweeteners in it. this also gives added flavor to your beverage giving it more character. But do not expect it to taste exactly like crunchy and roasted almonds, it won’t be that strongly framed.

Here is what you need for making the Almond latte:

1. Preferred quantity of almond milk, perhaps unsweetened. One thing fun about almond milk is that they come in other flavors as well, like vanilla.

2. A coffee machine. This is needed for pulling a normal shot like espresso or that of a latte.

3. Coffee grounds or beans of choice. If your coffee machine is pre-handed with a blender, use it to your advantage and increase the organic nature and authenticity of your coffee. Blend it to the size your coffee will need. If not is the case, buy some coffee powder and use it directly in the portafilter and let it do the character-building part.

4. Added flavoring or sweetener. Only needed if your base/almond milk does not have one already.

A latte with Almond milk:

A latte is just more milk and less espresso in it. Talk in ratios, it is ¾. The milk being 3 out of 4. Begin pulling an espresso shot. Here is how to do so:

For machines with grinders, fill it up with beans and grind them to the perfect or required size. Then fill the portafilter with grounds and tamp away the excess. Make sure it is a compressed and packed portafilter for better flavors. And then all you need to do is let the machine do its job, pull the espresso shot.

A single shot is more concentrated than a double shot, but that is not supposed to make a big difference in taste. It might take 30 to 40 minutes for a regular machine to brew which varies from one to another.

Pro Tips:

A bit of advice for a really hot and steamy shot is to use warm/hot water instead of regular room temperature water to make the best possible extraction of flavors and classic latte taste.

Make sure to place the mug on your drip tray!

While the shot is being pulled, you can steam milk to be used and froth it as well.

Take about 5 to 6 ounces of milk for making a latte and perform your steaming and frothing. Considering that you are a beginner, we will suggest you use unsweetened almond milk as it is the easier one to make foam in. if that is not what you want, rather richness is what you are looking for, regular milk is what you should consider.

Now you need to pour the milk.

Drop the milk slowly into the shot that you just pulled and let both of them mix gradually for a better taste. If you want to you can stir it up a little for mixing the shot in milk completely. Make sure to transfer the  froth  into the mug of the latte.

You may use a spoon to do so and place the foam on top. Lastly, top it off with some hot chocolate powder. Or sprinkle some regular coffee, and there you have it, you own latte that’s made by you for far less than a coffee shop or Starbucks.

What else?

Some variations that you can create are:

  • An increased quantity of foamed/ frothed milk makes a cappuccino.
  • A flat white is made with half tbsp of foam(never full) and topped with excess/extra hot or warmed-up milk.
  • Affogato is what you call a latte topped with almond milk ice cream, a very extra step.
  • Without any foam and just milk, you give rise to Cafe au lait.
  • A macchiato is born when more foam and less milk are present.


Final words

As you have everything you need, one thing to have is patience. It is less probable that your first try of making a latte with an espresso machine or a latte, in general, will result exactly like that of baristas. Another thing is to keep practicing and trying out new methods and combinations.

This will help you to find out what is best for you and how easy it went.

We also have mentioned little tips that will surely get you to the picture you have right now in mind. Just keep in mind that a little goes a long way, so avoid using more of anything than what we have suggested. Coffee lovers use these measurements in real life while making coffee with almond milk.

We hope that you found this useful and as long as you take everything we mentioned into account and consider it. You will always be able to make a perfect cup of latte from an espresso machine and amaze your visitors.


Let’s begin to answer some of the frequently asked questions:

What is the exact ratio of the shot and milk?

Generally, we keep it at 1:3 which means one part of the shot is mixed with 3 parts of the milk. You can take this ratio in whatever numbers you wish to but make use of a little math to get an exact copy of what they serve us in coffee shops.

How do I know if my beans are very old? 

When you grind them they feel drier than normal or on pulling a shot it is more acidic than what it normally is. Another thing to look for is the change in taste. If you keep the beans in a closed container for a very long time they might turn stale.

Is it bad for the machine to make different beverages when i only have a regular coffee maker?

Not at all. You can use it however you want as long as you clean it at least on an every month basis.

Apart from that, making different types of beverages is not going to affect the performance and the lifetime of your machine.

How to add flavor to regular coffee beans?

For this, you will have to use flavorings of your choice such as vanilla or any fruity flavor that you want and yes these are available as a product. Just add a few drops of it after  making the latte or any other drink and stir to indulge the taste completely.

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