How to make Espresso at Home with and Without Machine

Most of us are completely dependent on the morning intake of caffeine and feel like a fish out of the water if we don’t get it. How to make Espresso at home with and without machine is something we all must have a deep insight into. We are so dependent on morning espresso shot that if we missed them by chance we are not able to do the assigned task. Buying a cup of coffee daily from coffee shops costs you expensive and also takes your time.

There are many different ways of making espresso at home without investing in fancy heavy machines. You can make espresso by using automatic espresso machines or you can simply make it like coffee on by stovetop or by other methods. But whichever kind of barista you want to be at home you have to learn the basics of espresso and also how to learn to operate the machine.

make Espresso at Home

To make true Italian espresso at home you need an espresso machine. The automatic machine in which you just press the button and obtain the coffee or the manual espresso where you brew each and everything yourself. Generally, the coffee expert prefers manual machines because you can have good control over espresso.

The automatic, superautomatic machines and capsules are best for beginners and also give you consistent results. Nespresso vertuo plus and Breville barista pro are considered to be the easiest ones for making espresso.

So if you have a machine that doesn’t have a built-in grinder and also you are not working with capsules then you will need three things,  a good grinder, a milk frother, and a kitchen scale.

It’s no wonder that almost every one of us loves coffee but it also true that all of us don’t afford the high-priced machines. But, don’t worry even if you don’t have espresso machines you can still manage and make almost all types of espresso without machines.

Here I will discuss some methods which don’t require any fancy espresso machines.

Methods to make espresso without machines

  • French press methods
  • Moka pot or stovetop
  • Aeropress
  • Instant coffee
  • French press method

Around 2 % of the American are reported using this method and so there are chances that you also have it in your kitchen. And if you don’t have it you might do not know what is french press.

French press is one of the most affordable methods to brew espresso drinks. It is basically a thermos-sized beaker that has a piston that runs through the lid and middle of the beaker. French press is the most pocket-friendly. You can buy it for as low as $25 to $45 depending on the size you choose.

There are few steps you have to follow while using the french press.

STEP 1: Ground your coffee beans :

The first step is to grind your coffee beans .so if you are using french espresso beans, let us clear that you don’t have to fine ground them.

As when you’re using the french press it will make your coffee muddy and the piston will not hold that fine ground beans. For french press coarse ground is recommended. You will need four tablespoons of coffee to brew two cups of espresso.

Step2: Boil the water:

Boil some water by using a kettle in your kitchen. You definitely have electric kettles for making tea. Meanwhile, swirl some hot water in the french carafe so when you pour hot water in the french carafe it does not break.

The best temperature for brewing the best coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the water is not enough warm, you will not get the desire results.

Step 3: Add coffee to prewarmed french press:

Now when you have boiled the water in the kettle let it cool for 20 to 25 seconds. Add coffee beans into a pre-warmed french press and add some hot water.

As you pour water, you will feel a very pleasant aroma from the coffee beans. The coffee will start blooming indicating that the coffee beans have started releasing essential oils. Let the coffee bloom for longer so that you get a riched-flavored espresso.

Step 4:pour the remaining water and stir:

Now pour the remaining water and stir gently. Use a long spoon to avoid clumps and starts the extraction process. Do not stir energetically as the goal is not to create while in the coffee.

Step 5:Steep your brew:

This one is a very important step. It will decide the taste of your copy. The longer you will steep the more good and strong will be your brew. It also does not means that you have to steep too long, it will give you a sour taste and if you steep it too short it will give you an under-extracted flavor.

Ideally, 5 mins are enough to steep the coffee. Remember not to press the piston until the coffee beans are steeping.

Step 6: Press the piston :

When you think that coffee has steeped enough, hold the lid steadily and press the piston towards the bottom. When you push the plunger half the way in the cylinder, pull it upward and plunge again towards the bottom gently.

Step 7:Pour the coffee:

Now you’re done with every step. the coffee is ready to pour in a mug. Don’t leave your espresso in a beaker for so long, it will change the taste. When your espresso is ready pour it right away. Enjoy your espresso with the french press method.


It is also an affordable brewing method that is used in the home and also known as the stovetop method. Moka is a stainless pot and it has three chambers.

Base (boiler) that holds water.

Funnel-shaped chamber in the middle. (detains coffee ground).

Top chamber( collects coffee).

Surprisingly it is also affordable and does not hurt your wallet. Before preparing your espresso with Moka pot, you should have the following things,

*Coffee beans

*Coffee grinder



 Step 1: Grind your coffee beans

Take 20 to 25gm of coffee to brew the perfect espresso shot. For Moka pot, grind the coffee beans to the finest level. The steam produced by the stove will create pressure in the bottom chamber. This pressure will pass through the water to the fine powdered of the coffee and will create more flavorful and extracted espresso. 

 Step 2: Boil the water

It is recommended to use fresh water and heats it on the stove. Never overfill the bottom chamber, fill it half. otherwise, the pressure built-in does not evacuate and may be Moka pot explode.

Step 3: Add coffee ground to filter the basket

Now fill the filter basket with coffee ground evenly, either shake it or spread it evenly with your fingers. Do it gently otherwise water will not pass through coffee grounds. Brush the excessive grounds from the top of the basket and place it in the bottom chamber.

Step 4: screw-on pot

Screw the top spout with the bottom chamber together. Use hot pads as the bottom chamber will be already hot with prewarmed water.

Step 5: Put the pot on the stove

Put the pot on the stove and use medium heat. Do not use high flame. You can easily judge the heat.  High heat will cause coffee to flow out of the spout and low heat will barely make it flow out of the spout. So it is recommended to use optimal heat. Adjust your heat accordingly.  Remove the lid while the pot is on the stove.

Step6: Remove the Moka pot

The coffee from the bottom will reach out of the pot slowly and gradually as the bottom reaches to boil. The pressure built in the bottom makes coffee push out and you will hear the puffing sound and steam will come out in light color.

Once the steam changes its color from light brown to honey remove it from the source and close the lid.

Step 7: Pour your coffee

Now the coffee is ready and you can pour it into your mug. You may need to dilute your coffee but it depends upon the size of your Moka pot.

Step 8: Cleaning 

When you are done with your coffee through Moka pot. It’s time to clean it. Cleaning your Moka pot right after you use increases its life span. Its cleaning is very easy. Use hot soapy water and a cloth to wash it. rinse it properly.        


Aeropress is an uncomplicated method. It is made up of a cylinder, plunger, and a filter at the bottom. It is portable and light and an advanced version of the french brews sweet and flavorful cups of coffee and also a part of many coffee shops.

All you need for Aeropress is 

  • Coffee grinder 
  • Coffee grounds 
  • Water

 Let us know the full process of making espresso with Aeropress without further delay.

Step 1: grind your coffee beans :

For Aeropress, you need to find ground the coffee beans just like the Moka pot. Ground coffee matters alot whether you are using a machine or not .you will need two tablespoons of coffee to make the flavorful rich espresso.

Step2:Prepare aeropress:

Place a filter into the lower basket of the Aeropress. Now pour some hot water through the filter to make the brewer warm. This will heat your mug and prevent any other flavor. Now throw the rinsing water from the mug and fix the basket to the lower bottom.

Dump all the coffee grounds to it. To make coffee ground settle evenly shake the tube well. At this stage place the second filter on the top of the groundnut before placing wet it with warm water.

Step 3:Press the plunger:

It will be the first time press. Press the plunger or piston and take it to the bottom of the cylinder. Retract it and bring it back to the top. At this stage, if the ground looks similar to the puck, it means you have done right.

Step 4:Add hot water:

Now add hot water approximately range between 200f to 280 f according to your need up to the required level. Press the piston. Unlike the French press, you don’t have to wait for the steep time. Press the plunger slowly.Do not push it hard otherwise your espresso will flash out. When you are done, you have successfully made your espresso with Aeropress, now enjoy.

Instant coffee

As we can make instant coffee, instant espresso is also made from brewed coffee. The brewed coffee is dehydrated and powdered. So if you are craving coffee and do not want to exert extra energy, just buy an instant espresso packet, combine 1 teaspoon coffee with ¼ cup hot water. Stir it and enjoy it.

Do not expect that the resulting cup will give you a strong and rich flavored espresso cup.

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