How to Clean Breville Espresso Machine? Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Cleaning your Breville Espresso Machine is necessary and crucial, but it is mainly ignored in households. On the other hand, cafes are very particular about the cleanliness of their coffee machine. That’s why a high-end coffee shop’s espresso tastes fantastic every time. You can also enjoy and make the best espressos that can easily compete with top coffee brands.

How to Clean Breville Espresso Machine

You must clean your Breville Espresso Machine regularly; cleaning thoroughly every month and descale your machine every two months is recommended. This leads to smooth, frothy, and outstanding-tasting coffee while simultaneously increasing your machine’s life. The Latest Breville Espresso Machines come with an indicator light that tells you the right time to clean your machine. Most people in households ignore this light from where the real trouble begins.

In this post, we will take you through a series of steps you should follow to clean your Breville espresso machine in the best possible ways.

The Things You Need to Clean Your Breville Espresso Machine:

There is no complete list of things you’ll need to clean your Breville espresso machine, you just need these few items, and you are good to go.

Some machines also come with Coffee machines cleaning tablets, disks, and nylon brushes. If your machine contains these tools, you must gather the remaining ones.

A Breville Machine Day-to-Day Maintenance

An everyday cleaning process is also necessary other than deep cleaning your machine after a month. If you follow some simple steps to clean your machine after every use, you can quickly increase the efficiency and ensure the long-lasting of your machine. Day-to-day cleaning will also prevent your machine from a deep cleaning process.

The drip tray must be checked after every use and should be emptied into the waste bin. This will prevent buildups in your machine and takes only a few seconds to complete the task. The steam wand has to be emptied every time, and no liquid should come out. When your wand is cooled off, clean the wand with a damp cloth and remove all the residual milk, if any.

You should clean the tip of your steam wand with a steam wand cleaning tool and machine. This will prevent blockage in this specific area.

The filter basket must be cleared every day at least once. Just empty your basket inside a waste bin and wash the basket with soap or a dishwasher. All of these cleaning remedies are very simple and not very time-consuming. By following these steps, you can avoid the unnecessary burden of cleaning, increasing your machine’s efficiency.

Breville Espresso Machine’s Deeper Cleaning

Now the time is to discuss Breville espresso machine deeper cleaning. Follow the steps below;

Machine’s Group Head:

The group head is the essential component of your Breville espresso machine that handles the main business. Cleaning this area of the machine can highly affect the taste your espresso will develop. Give a lot of attention to this component.

The first step to cleaning is running a cycle with fresh water only. When the water exits the machine, carefully observe the water as coffee-colored dark water indicates some heavy residues inside your machine.

Once you are done with the water cycle. Pin tools are advised to clean the holes in the machine’s filters. This is a lengthy process, so don’t lose your chill. Clearing all the holes and removing residues from the inside will result in an outstanding coffee.

Machine’s Water Filter:

A Breville Espresso Machine contains a water filter. Like every other water filter, this must be changed every two months. Some people never change this water filter, which is not recommended. There are high chances of mold and bacteria growth in old filters. So if you haven’t changed yours, it is the right time.

Machine’s Grinder:

Some Breville espresso machines also have a grinder attached to them. If your machine also does, don’t forget to clean it during the deep cleaning session of your machine. These grinders don’t ask for much maintenance but still are recommended to brush off coffee dust and some old grounds from time to time. This area of the machine should not be washed with soap or water, only use a brush here.

Deep Cleaning With Disk and Tablets:

Make sure to use cleaning disks and tablets during the deep cleaning session. These disks are also provided with the machine during the purchase. This built-in cleaning cycle of your machine takes only a few minutes. The cleaning disk must be placed in the one-cup filter and the cleaning tablet in the center of the disk. Now try to make a regular espresso shot by attaching the portable filter. Now press and hold your power button, one cup, and two cup button simultaneously until you observe a blink in the cleaning light.

After one complete cleaning cycle, run another with just water inside to remove the cleaning residues in the machine. This water cycle process is essential to avoid an awful taste in your following few coffees.

To avoid a hectic cleaning session after a long time of machine usage, clean your machine every month to make this process smooth and quick.

Take Away

You can clean it at whatever interval of time that suits your preference. However, the one we discussed here is highly suitable and acceptable. For those who want to make their machine last longer, you should ensure that it is taken care of and kept hygienic whenever possible. Another thing we would want to mention is that when you begin deep cleaning, it is better to pull a blank shot and then detach all the removable parts to wash them separately.

Cleaning tablets are an alternative if you do not want to use vinegar. These are famous cleaning options as espresso cleaning tablets. You should still rinse with regular water to avoid any residue in your beverage. However, using cleaning tablets or regular store-bought vinegar in water would not make much difference. So far, this guide must have helped you to learn How to Clean Breville Espresso Machine?

We guarantee that if you follow all the advice and steps shared regularly and religiously, you can make your Breville espresso machine last longer than expected. It all boils down to the fact that care needs to be taken for anything to make it last longer, just as humans need.

Now Let Us Answer Some of the Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a descaling solution on your own?

Being a very crucial mix, it has to be in controlled proportions. Especially the vinegar needs to be equal to or less than the amount of water. The best proportion is 50:50. Mix 50 % water with 50% vinegar and make a concoction. Pour it into the water reservoir and pull a shot.

What should I use to clean my machine’s housing?

Any sort of cleaning agent will do. You can also use regular water with a washcloth to clean it. It is better to transfer the water in a spray bottle to use less water in a controlled manner and, secondly, to avoid the water from entering the intricacies of the machine, which is the electrical parts. Avoid making the plug wet; instead, we would ask you to unplug the unit first for your safety.

How often should I deep clean my Breville espresso machine?

Once a month is more than enough to perform a deep clean session. Doing more than can potentially wither the machine. A thing to ensure while deep cleaning is not to use any acidic or alcoholic cleaning agent as this can damage the delicate parts.

Can I use my Breville espresso machine after deep cleaning?

You can use your Breville espresso machine after a deep cleaning session.

Once you have dried it completely, you can begin using it usually. If you begin using it without drying, the vinegar might alter the taste of your coffee, which is not something one would prefer.

Are all espresso machines cleaning tablets the same?

Yes, all espresso machine’s cleaning tablets are the same as the traditional coffee cleaning powder.

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