How to make coffee essential oil

Essential oils are the type of oil that contains the maximum effect of the extraction material which comes with numerous benefits. The coffee essential oil has similar usage and benefits as various other organic essential oils. The uses include calming the anxiety, resistance to chronic disease, healing physical and mental effects, remedial treatment of a few illnesses, and overall well-being of the body. 

However, if you prefer coffee-scented scents and aromas these are highly recommended. Now let’s get into the making of coffee essential oil which is not highly complicated but is quite simple, one can make it with two ingredients. 

How to Make Coffee Essential Oil


  1. 1 cup of Coffee beans ( can also use green coffee beans)
  2. 1 cup of Olive oil


  1. Stainless steel infuser or mesh cloth infuser
  2. Pot or cooker 
  3. Container of suitable size


The procedure is easy to do and can be done at home at any time. Chronologically, the steps of making coffee extracted oil are given:

  1. The first step is to simply put coffee beans and olive oil inside the cooker.
  2. Turn the heat on and keep mixing the materials so that coffee beans are coated perfectly with olive oil.
  3.  Keep it on low heat for approximately 8 to 10 hours. Raw or unroasted coffee beans require high heat and constant stirring. 
  4. Keep stirring in-between every hour so that the beans do not get burned. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are using green coffee beans, firstly you need to wait for them to turn brown then you can leave them on a low heat whilst stirring in-between every hour. 

At last! Get a suitable container, place an infuser onto it whether stainless steel one or mesh cloth one and press your oil out, excluding all impurities. You got your very own coffee essential oil. 

Coffee essential oils are easy to make, however, their uses should not be overlooked by their simple procedure. If you are a person who cares for their own physical and mental well-being, as well as someone who loves coffee, this oil will come to you as a lifesaver. Let’s jump right into the benefits so this method comes as worthy of one’s time.

Why you should make your very own coffee essential oil

Organic plants have lots of uses, we get maximum benefits from nature, coffee is one of the most useful and necessary plants of nature. From caffeine to its oils it soothes our mind and body in various ways. Essential oils are concentrated in effect and give good influence in full intensity if used correctly. They are used in makeup products, hair products, cooking as well as skin products. Aside from physical uses it also has mental health uses as well. Some everyday uses are:

For calming nerves

Having anxiety? Feeling tired? Have everyday fatigue and low energy? Well, these are basic problems for numerous people including our friends, family and ourselves. The aroma of coffee beans along with olive oil gives off a calming effect to the mind and body. Keeping the aroma of coffee will make your house cozier for others as well as yourself. 

Ever heard of aromatherapy? It means treating anxiety and mental illness with different scents and coffee scents has a great reputation for this purpose.

Whether you are a student or working person, this will make your mind calmer hence will help in being productive and effective in daily life.

To resist chronic illness

  Coffee has been proven as a useful source of antioxidants which means it’s amazing for the respiratory system as well as other chronic diseases, if you do not have a skin allergy to coffee, rubbing the oil on the skin will prove to be resistant against chronic disease. 

The antioxidants found in coffee essential oils by baristas are Chlorogenic acid, Polyphenols, Phenylalanine, Ferulic acid, and Caffeic acid.

To increase appetite

Not to confuse coffee’s ability to decrease your appetite with coffee essential oil. The coffee essential oil’s scent makes you hungry as it affects your limb system. The aroma also helps in resolving nausea which helps in eating food deliciously without immune system concerns. 

For improving skin smoothness

The benefits of it involving skin are countless, it prevents aging of the skin, as well as allergic reactions. It can be a soothing oil to add to your massage routine. The scent is not pungent; having it on your skin will serve as a subtle perfume whiff, it also gives a smooth touch to the skin. 

Things to look out for while using coffee essential oil

The organic concentrated material always comes with side effects as they are not mixed with any other substance to decrease their intensity. Results show that three things should be taken into account while using essential oil.

Sensitive skin

If you have delicate skin, I will recommend going to a professional before using it on your skin. Or you could use a little amount of oil on a small area of your skin to see if it causes any irritation or itchiness, if it does, do not use this oil at all, you can just use it for its scent. Numerous people also have allergic reactions to coffee. It would be in their best interest if they do not use this.  


Being pregnant takes away a lot of the fun things of life from you, this is one of them. Most doctors advise avoiding any kind of essential oil. Moreover, I would not recommend a child use this oil either as it is concentrated. 

Without seeking professional advice

When using any new product which you believe gives other good uses, you should first consult a professional before actually buying, using, or making them. It could prove to be lethal if you do not seek professional advice, instead of getting benefits you would be taking your health for granted. 

Coffee essential oils have been studied thoroughly for their uses as well as side effects. If you are a coffee lover, using this will prove beneficial in your everyday productivity. Moreover, this can be a nice handmade gift for a loved one as well.

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