How to clean the coffee maker with apple cider vinegar

In case you are a coffee lover and you often use the coffee maker in a routine I have a question for you how long has it been you have cleaned your coffee maker if you are my type of person your answer will be never or it been a long time. If your case is this there is good news for you there is an easy way to clean it and that’s not so time-consuming. First of all, I should give an answer to one most important question that is regarding the cleaning of the coffee maker.

The question is that is it really necessary to clean the coffee maker? So the answer is 100% yes. A high end coffee maker is known as one of the most used appliances in the kitchen so it also requires cleanliness. The heat and water can produce a lot of bacteria that can be dangerous for our health and can make your coffee unhealthy. Second thing is that cleaning electric appliances can increase work efficiency. It can change the taste of coffee as well. There are many ways of cleaning the coffee maker but here we will discuss how to clean the coffee maker with apple cider vinegar. 

Clean Coffee Maker with Apple Cider Vinegar

Here I will mention 10 steps for it just follow that steps and see the magic.

1. Get Apple cider vinegar

First of all, you should have some amount of apple cider vinegar. It is the most important ingredient in cleaning that will help you to clean as well as disinfect the coffee maker. It is the most important thing that as it is an eatable so no if you or any child inhale it. There is no health danger. It is cheap in comparison to other cleaning agents.

2. Mix vinegar with water 

 The second tip is when start cleaning use vinegar in ratio 1:2 with water and start wiping out from outside. Because outside is less dirty and it will be cleaned earlier in comparison with inner side. Before cleaning remove the coffee filter first and any other extra parts. Then place the full basket in the mixed solution for deep cleaning. Change the filter if needed. For full guidance read the manufacturer’s instructions first. 

3. Add the mixture to the water reservoir

Add the water and vinegar into the coffee maker and let it rest for about 30 minutes and let the magic be done.  You also need to brew the machine as you make a coffee .brew it for a few seconds and let it sit and see the magic after 20 to 30 minutes. Be patient while cleaning.

4. Don’t Ignore the carafe

When you are busy cleaning with a mixture don’t ignore the carafe. It’s a good time to clean it though it is necessary to clean it after each use now you have extra time to clean it well. For cleaning it add some water and detergent it and scrub it well. You will find a good result and you will surely appreciate your effort because the results will be marvelous. If you find it filthy add some amount of rice to it. You will find a good result and will appreciate this idea.

5. Clean the coffee maker

 Now it’s time for the cleaning of the coffee maker. Give it a full cycle so that the walls and surface will be cleaned this cycle will surely give you the full results of your choice.

6. Wash with water

 Then wash it properly with clean warm water. It might possible that you will find some smell of vinegar that’s normal. No need to worry about it. Use more water if needed.

7. Multiple cleaning cycles

If you are cleaning your coffee maker after a long then one more vinegar cycle is needed. 1 cycle is not enough to clean it. So repeat the cycle again. And you will find good results surely.

8. Final rinsing with water

Once your cleaning is complete and you are satisfied with the inside cleaning just give 1 or 2 cycles of water and brew it. If there is a smell of vinegar give 1 more cycle.

9. Enjoy ready to brew coffee maker

 Now your coffee maker is clean and free of bacteria for sure. Now make a cup of coffee and enjoy. 

Interesting facts about water

One thing that is notable is that the vinegar technique can give your coffee maker a new life but you should consider the water type which you are using. Impurities and minerals in hard water can give your coffee maker a hard time and can ruin the efficiency of your coffee maker. Most of us use tap water to make our morning coffee but if you will use filtered water the results will be changed for sure and this will increase the life of your coffee maker. If you will use tap water in routine your coffee maker may have more built up and it needs more cleaning. So try to invest in water filters and decrease your health risk.

Important tips:

  1. Always remove the coffee filter after every use and don’t be lazy about it. It’s good for your health as well as for cleaning the coffee maker.
  2. Never use the carafe for storage of water especially if you can’t clean it in routine.
  3. If you are using k-cups remove them after each use. There is extra cleaning needed around the surface of k-cups to remove excess grounds. You can use toothpaste for this purpose also. 
  4. Read filter life on its copy for its optimal performance. Change of filter can affect the performance of the machine. 
  5. Set your alarm for its cleaning and make a routine for it. 


We can change the quote an apple a day keeps the doctor away to an apple a day keeps the bacteria away. It’s not a chore in your routine life but it is a healthy way to change your lifestyle and you will feel the difference in your coffee flavor also. If you want a new activity in the morning just hold vinegar and start cleaning your coffee maker to make your morning fresh.

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