How to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – Which Brewing Techniques Used & Their Affects

Nitro cold brew is a type of cold coffee mostly served chilled cold while maintaining the smooth foam on the top. Usually, carbon dioxide gas is used in alcoholic beverages and cold drinks, which is kind of harmful to the body but Nitro cold brew coffee is the unique kind of coffee in which coffee is freshly brewed, chilled, and amalgamated with Nitrogen gas to give it a smooth and foamy texture and is not harmful to the human body.

How to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Origin & History:

The origin of this coffee is disputable, whereas it is generally said that it was first invented by a famous coffee shop named Third wave coffee in 2010. However, research shows that the procedure of Nitro cold brew coffee originated in 2013 at craft coffee houses in Texas, whereas some of the researchers have also said that the predecessor was The Queens Kickshaw which is another famous coffee shop in New York.

After 2020, Starbucks has also introduced Nitro Cold Brew coffee in more than half of its branches all over the USA, including it in their main menu. After 2020, this coffee is now widespread by whole sellers in a lot of famous coffee shops and has gained a lot of popularity in a shorter period of time & now mostly people used nitro cold brew coffee makers for such job.


Now you must be wondering how this unique coffee is made and which procedures are adopted in the brewing and production of Nitro Cold Coffee. Well, the procedure is not easy and precise. In fact, the whole procedure is quite complicated but interesting to know about. However, I will explain this in a very comprehensive and easy way so that you won’t get bored while knowing all about Nitro Cold Brewed coffee in detail.

The procedure starts with making the cold brew coffee first. This procedure will take approximately 24 hours. The coffee beans are put into a room-temperature bottle for 24 hours and then finely ground. After 24 hours, the brewed coffee is ready to be chilled. The chilling process included fine grinding of ice with the liquid coffee so that the ice pieces would not feel in the mouth while drinking. The chilled coffee is then infused with the Nitrogen gas to give it the ultimate foamy, creamy and rich texture.

The reason for using Nitrogen gas is that the nitrogen bubbles are smaller in size as compared to other gases and hence give a very rich foamy, soft and frothy texture which is the ultimate desire of a cold coffee lover. Also, the nitrogen gas has the ability to bring out the natural sweetness of the coffee, making it a healthier option without having to add extra sugar.

Make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee – Which Brewing Techniques Used & What are Their Affects

I know what you must be thinking now. That the above heading seems to be quite a difficult procedure and you would get bored reading the details. Don’t panic. I’m going to take you to the pretty interesting procedures that you would not want to stop reading. So, let’s explore the coffee world. The best part about Nitro-Coffee is that the froth & cream on the top did not get infused easily. It will stay for longer, and you will enjoy the creaminess of the coffee till your last sip. Let’s dig into the process now.

Brewing the Cold Coffee:

The cold brewing process discussed above will now be crystal clear to you. However, the next step is to know the technique of adding Nitrogen gas to the coffee, enhancing the creaminess and taste. Professionals and experts use different brewing machines. Various techniques are being adopted for coffee brewing, including AeroPress, French press, and many more. However, the traditional ways are commonly categorized into two:

  • Immersion Brewing
  • Pour Over

The latest coffee machines are also built upon the traditional procedures making it faster and easier for the coffee shops to serve their coffee freshly brewed.

1. Full Immersion Coffee Method & Vessels Used:

This technique is very simple, easy and most commonly used. The procedure involves measuring the number of coffee beans per serving, grinding it, and then adding it to hot water. Various vessels are used to make this coffee smooth and frothy. The vessels are of several types available in markets that are cost-friendly, and coffee lovers can have this luxury item in their homes with a small investment. The vessels include:

Immersion Coffee Method

French Press:

Widely used FrenchPress vessel is available in-home stores where you can get this in the department of kitchen gadgets. The French press is composed of a jug-like container containing a filter screen and plunger that allows you to press hot water against the ground coffee powder, ensuring a rich heavenly taste in your morning coffee cup.


The main advantage of the French Press is its cost-effectiveness and easy availability. You can easily find it in any kitchen gadgets store within a reasonable price range. The second amazing feature is portability. You can easily carry it along if you are shifting, going to a picnic/any outdoor activity. Even in your office, you can keep your own coffee vessel to enjoy your favorite coffee all day long.


The only disadvantage is that you would need an additional vessel/source to boil the water, which can be managed easily in various ways.

2. Siphon:

Siphon, also known as a Vacuum Coffee maker, is somehow similar to the French Press. This vessel is used as an immersing brewing technique in which two chambers are involved in a single vessel to create pressure of vacuum and vapors. This pressure helps to infuse the coffee beans with hot water making it well-blended, smooth & earthly in taste.

Infusing Nitrogen Gas in Brewed cold coffee:

Once the cold coffee is brewed, the experts strain the liquid part from the coffee grains making it extremely creamy. Once the gains are filtered out, this is the time to infuse nitrogen gas into the cold coffee. The infusion process is done with the usage of high-tech machines, which professionals most commonly use.


There are many other methods of making nitro cold brew coffee, but we feel the method outlined above is one of the easiest. Just remember that you should use a standard coffee dripper to slowly pour in your water, and you’ll end up with 12 cups of amazing hot coffee. Enjoy!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Can I make Nitro Coffee at home?

You must be surprised by the answer, but a big fat YES is a good news. The only drawback is that it will be expensive to have a set-up of nitrogen infusion at home. You can easily prepare the cod brewed coffee at home with manual procedures, but the nitrogen infusion would require a proper home-based Nitro infusion system.

Is it safe to have Nitro infused cold coffee?

100% YES. In fact, this coffee is said to be even healthier than the other alternative coffees that are usually available at coffee shops. Nitro cold brew coffee is now entitled to be the healthiest coffee option in various ways. It’s low in calories; as mentioned above, the infusion process extracts the natural coffee sweetness. The taste is less bitter and smooth to the texture.

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