How to Make Flat white Nespresso [Step-by-Step] Guide

For coffee lovers, a flat white is always on their priority list. And because of its specialty, the flat white has been on top of the menu around the world in coffee cafes. so here let us see what the flat white is. From where it is originated,

Flat white:

In 1962 a British film has reference to flat white coffee. Latter on New Zealand also claim its origin. Somewhere there is a debate on Australia and New Zealand for their origin.

Flat white is an espresso-based drink with a small amount of milk and a thin layer of microfoam.

It is generally served in a ceramic cup. If you want a cup of coffee with a strong flavor of espresso and a mouthful of creamy steam milk, the flat white is your choice. The texture of the drink is very similar to that of the latte but the difference is in the form of the foam layer.

In flat white milk is steamed and froth as in the case of latte but it is held back to create 1mm of the microfoam on the meniscus whereas the latte has steamed milk with around 5mm of foam layered on the top of the drink.

The flat white has a very thin layer of microfoam as compared to a latte. The proportion of coffee is higher than milk. So here is a question, why flat white is called flat white?

As we know the coffee with milk was earlier known as white coffee and coffee without milk was labeled as black coffee. so to make its name fancy, the inventors named it FLAT White.

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Flat white and Nespresso

Nespresso has captivated the whole world due to its performance its high quality and cafe-style drinks, its compact designs, and its overall functions.

If you are a coffee lover, you take coffee in the morning or along with your tea, Nespresso has made your life more easy and comfortable. With just a push of a button, you can have your espresso in your cup within few seconds. So the immediate reason for buying Nespresso is if you have a love for a latte, cappuccino, flat white.

Now we will tell you how to make flat white by Nespresso.

How to make flat white with Nespresso:

There are few steps to follow. The flat white is very easy to make with Nespresso.

Step 1:

Make about 40ml espresso in your cappuccino cup using Nespresso capsules.

Step 2:

Froth the milk in a frothing jug with a steam wand or Nespresso aeroccino while you are making espresso.

Step 3:

Now when frothing is done add some steam milk to espresso and about ½ cm spooning of froth on the top.

Now your flat white is ready to serve. Serve it in a ceramic cup with a saucer.

Frequently asked question

What is flat white?

Flat white is an espresso-based drink that has a very less amount of milk and a very thin layer of microfoam.

What is Nespresso flat white?

For Nespresso flat white you have to take ⅓ of espresso and ⅔ of warm light frothed milk.

How many shots are in flat white?

Flat white traditionally uses two shots whereas cappuccino and latte use one shot or two shots.

What is the difference between flat white and latte?

Latte is an espresso with a thick layer of frothed milk around 5mm and steamed milk. Whereas flat-white has a very thin layer of microfoam.

How many times you can use Nespresso pods?

You can use Nespresso pods twice. All you have to do is put Nespresso pods back and use them. The taste of the second cup is just fine as compared to the first one.

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